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Great kit, but flavor wasn't quite what I was expecting.

Review by Jason on 6/12/2011

This was the first homebrew I've ever made, and the kit couldn't have been easier to use. My only concern was the very low ABV, and I had read here on the FAQ's that a pound of dextrose would kick it up a bit with minimal impact on the end product, so I went that route. I bottled 12 12oz bottles and kegged the rest. Because of the split batch, I used Cooper's drops for the bottles and 1/3 cup of the priming sugar for the keg (I didn't want to go the force-carb route). Both turned out perfectly and unlike some other posts here, there was no issue with over-carbonation (if anything, maybe slightly under-carbed). My only complaint was the final taste. I don't know if the added dextrose impacted the flavor, but it's a touch sweet, with a slight floral hint. Unfortunately, these are two things I'm not personally fond of. BUT, it was still quite good and many people have enjoyed it. It is light and refreshing, to be sure. So if that description fits you're style, you'll LOVE it.

Nice light ale with a hop finish

Review by Ken Byington on 5/14/2011

Nice and light with a little surprise hop finish. You won't find a commercial beer of this style as good as this one. Great summer beer.


Review by Buddy Guy on 10/14/2010


Great First Brew

Review by njenney on 7/14/2010

Pros: This was the first time I brewed and it was really easy and this kit came out great. Super light and great tasting. Excellent for warm weather. I would brew it again.

Cons: Over carbonated. At first it was fine but then after about 2 weeks in bottles it became super foamy to the point that when you opened the bottle it immediately was foaming over.

Great Beer!

Review by Dustin O. on 7/8/2010

Pros: I have brewed several kits from Williams and this is by far the best. It has a real light taste with awesome hop characteristics. This is by far the best beer I have ever tasted and/or made!

Cons: This should be offered year around!