Average rating 8.98275862068966 out of 10 ( based on 58 reviews )

Great smooth light beer!

Review by Jerry on 9/20/2013

Excellent Light beer for the summer. Easy to brew and has a great light, crisp finish :-)

refreshing and perfect summer brew!

Review by Larry on 7/29/2013

Simple yet refined summer brew. Good balance of hops and light drinkable beer on a hot summer afternoon.

Light, but not laughable

Review by surinder on 3/29/2013

If you enjoy most commercially produced American beers, I'm sorry. Seriously, you might get a kick out of this light, pale, well-balanced and flavorful Summer ale. I've made this a couple times for group gatherings and it always disappears. The flavor stands up well to a good chilling, but doesn't overpower food or conversation. Folks who are new to better beer really like this light ale. Production is easy and the product is ready quickly, though a few weeks of aging produces a clear, crisp and complex beverage. A great picnic or work bee drink.

Clean and Clear

Review by Brian on 8/8/2012

I've been brewing Williams kits off and on for a few years, and this has been my most successful yet. Also, the first homebrew I've made that comes out almost perfectly clear with no filtering! It's a great tasting beer for warm weather, and pleasantly light on the alcohol. Will definitely re-order this one.

summer ale

Review by ALAN on 5/27/2012

I have brewed about 6 different beer batches from Williams brewing and hands down I have gotten the most compliments from your summer ale than all the other beers that I have brewed. I will brew it again for sure!