Average rating 8.98275862068966 out of 10 ( based on 58 reviews )

Easy to Brew and Good Flavor

Review by David R. on 7/13/2007

Pros: Very easy to brew and (if you can wait for it to age) a very good light Summer Ale. I tasted it after only six days in the bottle and it was good. After ten days it was better and now after three weeks, it tastes great. It turned out like I hoped.

Cons: It caramelized a little darker than I hoped, but is still a nice light beer.

Great Summer Beer!!!!

Review by John D. on 6/24/2007

Pros: Another fine product from Williams! Easy to brew and tastes great after working outside in the heat. This brew is light enough to compliment the addition of one of Williams fruit flavorings. I added a bottle of Raspberry flavor to the last half of the batch while bottling. I tasted it with only half the Raspberry flavor but it was very very slight so I added the entire bottle. I was concerned it might be too fruity but it turned out very good. Fruit or no fruit, you are going to like this beer... j.d.

Cons: none at all.

Ridiculously good!

Review by rmwinning on 6/22/2007

Pros: Light, refreshing beer just as advertised. Bar-none one of the best kits available.

Cons: Might be a percent low on the alcohol level, especially if you like a strong blonde.

Awesome Brew!

Review by Will W. on 6/2/2007

Pros: Decided to try this as my first kit from William's. VERY pleased with the results. The hop flavor and aroma of this beer are quite pleasing to the nose and palate for a light beer.

Cons: It's not available year round. ARE YOU LISTENING WILLIAM'S??? HINT, HINT.

A new twist to the backyard deck cookouts

Review by STU Goldsmith on 7/15/2006

Pros: Typically we would put a lot of easy to drink golden beers in bottles on ice in our backyard. This would draw in our guests to the food and the fun out on the deck. After a while though, we were just replicating a Corona commercial and the whole thing got tired. This beer put the fun back into that favorite of pastimes. The clear golden color rivals the sun and sparkles the bubbles as they cascade off the frozen glasses. The body is very light - not making you feel full. Still, the mildly sweet flavor is complemented by a sturdy finishing flavor from the hops that leaves your palet clean and ready for another sip. You could drink this beer very fast - but you'll want to go slow and relish the flavor. I brewed one and I'm going to order at least 2X more so I have some to brew when the season ends and this beer is no longer available. I want to be drinking this one and serving it well past Labor Day!!