Average rating 9.65625 out of 10 ( based on 32 reviews )

The Best Dry Ale Yeast

Review by Michael J. on 3/6/2006

Pros: In my 15 years of homebrewing, I've tried just about every dry ale yeast there is, and this one is easily the best! Starts quickly, has a nice, steady fermentation profile, good flocculation, excellent attenuation, and a very clean finish. So far, I've used this with great success to make a red ale, a porter, and an IPA. Please note that my "10" is in terms of comparing with other dry yeasts, and should not be construed to mean that this is better than the liquid varieties. If you're strying to make a regional style (e.g. altbier or scottish ale), you should go with the Wyeast varieties. However, as a general-purpose ale yeast, this one can't be beat. Also, please note that I ALWAYS rehydrate dry yeast in ~95 deg.F pre-boiled water for 15 min. to get the best results.

Cons: The only potential downside is that this attenuates SO well that it might leave your lower gravity beers with less body than you'd like, skewing the palate toward hops & alcohol. If you want a softer finish (e.g. as in a nut brown ale), and you still don't want to mess with the liquid varieties, I would recommend using Cooper's dry ale yeast.

Quick in a pinch

Review by LARRY R. on 12/29/2005

Pros: This yeast is fantastic! Quick to start and great in a pinch if you have nothing else around. Very clean taste. Impressive yeast, even for those who don't like to use dried yeasts.

Cons: I have none so far!