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Excellent Yeast - Better than WL & Wyeast Cal Ale

Review by Jim B on 4/24/2009

Pros: After hearing lots of homebrewers tell me how bad dry yeast is, I still (stubbornly). had to give it a shot for myself. US-05 is not only the SAME yeast as WLP001/Wyeast 1056 - but it so inexpensive that you can (finally) pitch the proper amount of yeast (www.mrmalty.com) WITHOUT having to pitch multiple vials or build up starters. The previous reviews really did say it all - follow the Safale recommendations for re-hydration and this yeast takes off like wildfire. Do note the high attenuation! For my drier ales, I do get around 80% (+/-) attenuation.

Cons: Teased by your peers for using dry yeast!

excellent low cost and convenient alternative

Review by Lawrence G. on 4/15/2009

Pros: I must disagree with the Williams description of this strain, as I find it every bit the equal of the liquid equivalents, at a fraction of the price. You can't beat the convenience either. I use it regularly in three of my recipes, with excellent results. Ferment at 62° and it is squeaky clean.

Cons: Flocculation is average, but cold crashing will cause suspended yeast to drop quickly.

Love it!

Review by Tim on 1/3/2009

Pros: Have never had a bad result - which is more than I can say for liquid yeast. Fast starting and clean fermenting, especially if you keep it cool (60 - 65F).

Cons: None that I can detect. No worries about freshness, no need for starters.

A fine yeast and so simple

Review by Conrad on 7/14/2008

Pros: There is no starter needed, it produces a great taste and its low cost. Have one or two on hand at all times and you can brew at the drop of a hat...

Cons: It does come out a bit cloudy, but it settles when you age it cold.

awesome yeast!

Review by andy l. on 7/26/2006

Pros: I sprinkled a package of this yeast on a batch of honey oat pale ale I recently made, and it turned out to be some of the best beer I've ever made. I have experemented with various types of dry and liquid yeasts, and for the conveniance, cost, and reliability, this yeast can not be beat. I don't even know if I will ever use liquid yeast again. My beer turned out clean, clear, and tasted great. This yeast rocks!

Cons: None.