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Safale 05

Review by Gene on 5/10/2012

I have used this yeast numerous times with great results

Safale US-05 ROCKS!

Review by Gary Watts on 9/18/2011

I just used this great yeast in a German style Ale made with William's German Gold malt. William's Hallertau pellet hops, along with this great yeast, and pure water made a GREAT beer! FERMENTIS RULES!

Best All-Around Ale Yeast

Review by Alex C on 9/3/2011

This is the same stuff, allegedly, used by Sierra Nevada in the flagship Pale Ale. I don't doubt that for a second. US-05 leaves a very clean taste, allowing your ingredients to express themselves. It works equally well with malty or bitter beers. I've used this yeast five times for various beers, including a hybrid wheat/hopped-up porter and a rye IPA. Excellent results, always. For 10 gallon batches, I make a 2000ml starter, but I only use 1 yeast pack. I still achieve active/noticeable fermentation within 6 hours. If you're looking for a workhorse yeast that will never let you down, this is what you want.

Great Product

Review by Jeremy R. on 5/8/2010

Pros: I always use a starter, I've used Safale-05 for my American Brown Ale 3 times now with consistent results. The ale is crystal clear. The flocculation is medium so expect a degree of cloudiness when you transfer from the primary to the secondary.

Qaulity and Quantity!

Review by Adam M. on 4/30/2009

Pros: Short lag and a strong fermentation. Finishes clean with a high attenuation. Slurry from one fermentation can be re-pitched with excellent results. Two packs can give you a good pitching rate without a starter.

Cons: None. All of the usual terrible things you hear about dry yeast is all wrong with this one.