Average rating 9.65625 out of 10 ( based on 32 reviews )

Excellent Yeast

Review by Sal on 8/11/2013

I heard so many bad things about dry yeast that when I started brewing, I went right to the liquid. A friend gave me a packet of this dry yeast to try in an IPA and I'll never go back to liquid if I can use this instead. Much better and quicker fermentation than any liquid at half the price, plus it stores much better. Don't believe everything you read.

Great yeast for American styles

Review by BENJAMIN on 4/21/2013

Great yeast, even past it's due date it still works fine.

Excellent Quality

Review by Jimmy on 4/16/2013

No off-flavors and clean finish. Making a starter will improve the performance. Equal quality with liquid yeast and much more simple.

Very dependable

Review by RobJ on 3/23/2013

I've used this yeast several times now and have never encountered any problems or off flavors. This is my 'Go To' yeast for certain.

My go-to yeast

Review by MBR on 11/5/2012

I use this for for all my IPAs, and almost anything non-belgian. Like to keep it in stock in the fridge. If I could only choose one yeast to homebrew on a desert Island, it would be this one.