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Siphonless Fermenter

Review by W on 2/13/2013

I've been using two of these for about 12 years. I am very pleased with their performance and durability. I recently ordered two additional fermenters so I could increase my production. I've never had problems with the lids sealing on the originals or any other problem for that matter. I actually prefer the original lid design as there is no gasket to lose, damage or need to replace. The holes in the original lids are larger and I liked this as my transfer tubing won't fit through the new, narrow opening. Not a big deal, but I was perfectly happy with the original design. Pros: High quality translucent bucket with slick inside finish. Easy to clean and maintain. Spigot and back nut siphon design works very well. These buckets are significantly narrower than other buckets which allows two to fit where only one would previously (in an old fridge) Cons: A little on the pricey side, but they last a very long time and the superior quality justifies the extra expens

Great Buy

Review by Alan on 11/9/2012

Best bucket fermenter that I have come across. Glad to see the lid sealing o-ring added as part of the package. I have two and plan on adding a third in the near future.

Fermenter and seal

Review by Al on 10/20/2012

I have had this siphonless fermenter for close to 20 years. Mine was made long before they added the gasket, and the invert tube was a short, separate, bent piece of 1/2 inch tubing. It has worked great over the years. I just did a fairly high gravity stout, with no lid problems, though I use a blowoff tube rather than an airlock on these higher gravity beers. The invert tube incorporated into the nut is a great addition, and I have added one to mine. I'm getting ready to buy a new fermenter, but only so I can have another one :-).

Works well

Review by lynn on 4/10/2012

I've used these over the past 10 years with no problems. The lids from my model, which looks the same, snap on tightly even though there is no separate gasket. I don't bother with an airlock, just cover the hole with sanitized plastic wrap - works fine and no oxidation. I would like a larger version is my only suggestion.


Review by Robert on 3/28/2012

Anybody find a Gasket or O-Ring for the fermenter ? That's the only thing keeping me from awarding the 5th Star.