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Super to use after you get the hang if ut

Review by Leo on 3/22/2014

This fermenter is the only one I use for primary since I got it in July. First batch was a bit cloudy until I went to longer primary fermentation (4 weeks) and learned to transfer more slowly. I am not nuts about the gasket, but use it anyway. I am going to buy a kit to install a valve on my older unused fermenter.

Easy to use and clean

Review by Christopher on 12/13/2013

Excellent fermentor - super easy to use and can't beat the fact that you don't have to rack before bottling.


Review by Joe on 9/17/2013

Had my fermenter for a full year now. Very durable and easy to use. The lid seals well, I have no issues with the red gasket, it works great and allows a good seal to view airlock activity. Plastic is very smooth, and I never scrub. To clean, I use hot water in a strong stream to wash the crub off. Then I use a oxygen cleaner soaked overnight. Next day, add a TBS of bleach per gallon, and soak. Rinse like crazy. Then Starsan to finish off the cleaning sanitizing. The bucket still looks new on the inside after year and I don't see a reason not to use it for another year. Ty.

Some good, some bad. Not worth $35

Review by Edward on 9/2/2013

Preface: been homebrewing for 20+ years, love lots of Williams' products, have used glass carboys as fermenters my whole brewing life. The very 1st thing you should do if you buy this product is, before washing, before reading instructions, even before unpacking everything: throw away the large red o-ring. Throw it in the trash, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Throw it straight away. It poorly fits the lid, makes zero difference in performance, and is only a source of frustration as if falls off the lid and into your fresh wort. Seriously, this would be "over-engineering" if it actually did something. It does not. You can almost hear the guys at Williams laughing about this one. Second, the stopcock is cheap and flimsy, and is positioned poorly to either avoid trub or hops. Pre-fitting with a bit of cheesecloth or nylon mesh works to fix this. The good is that it is easy to wash & sterilize, conveniently doubles as a priming tank, can be even used as a lauter tun if desperate.

Siphonless Fermenter

Review by Brendan on 4/12/2013

I've been using the William's siphonless fermenter since I began brewing in 1995. As someone who aerates by shaking the fermenter, I was very disappointed when I recently replaced a couple of fermenters and discovered that the rubber gasket in the lid has been removed. Now, when I shake the fermenter, the beer spills out and is quite messy and aggravating. On the plus side (for William's, anyway), I'm writing this review to get the $5 coupon for my next order, which, predictably, is the oxygen aeration system. Oh well.... William's Responds: A hollow rubber gasket is now in the lid as of 12.01.20