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No frills just a really good piece of equipment

Review by John B. on 1/28/2017

I'm fairly new to home brewing and a friend who helped me get started recommended this fermenter. This is one of the best purchases, of brewing equipment, I have made. Some of the reviews had trouble with the lid gasket but I've not had any problems. Even though some experts claim you don't need the gasket, I like that it seals and I think this and the valve are the best features of this item. The siphonless feature of the valve makes racking very fast and easy. Get a length of 3/8 food grade silicon tubing for the racking. It works really well with the valve and it is much easier to use than the vinyl tubing that comes with the fermenter.


Review by Zach on 11/18/2016


Review by michael smith on 9/8/2016

This joins another siphonless I have been using for over a decade. Very helpful to not have to siphon wine or beer. Seal seems to be effective.

Works Well

Review by Mike on 1/8/2016

I have used other bucket fermenters without the valve, and love the fact you don't need to siphon it. My only concern comes from sanitation of the valve before transferring the beer. I just used a cup full of sanitizing solution and put the end of the valve in it before transfer. I saw complaints about the "red lid gasket" and it was tough to install on the lid but sealed well. All in all I like the ferment er, big enough for those high gravity beers so I didn't need to worry about blow off.

Siphonless Fermenter

Review by Timothy L. Dennis on 10/3/2014

The siphonless fermenter makes transfers a breeze! One came with my starter kit, and I later ordered a second to increase my brewing capability.