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A Logical next step

Review by ScottM on 6/9/2021

I have brewed several 2 gallon batches with Mr. Beer and had decent results. After brewing 5 gallons with a friend I realized that I needed to step up my game. The kit I bought had everything I needed, spigot, lid, tubing and airlock. As others have noted, it's easy to see level of liquid, the gallon gradations are easy to see and the siphonless valve left the trub in the bottom with minimal transfer. I look forward to my next brew and many more using this equipment!

Siphonless Fermentor

Review by J Hershberger on 2/8/2021

Purchased the same unit in the late 90's for all the features it has. Only difference is the gasket for the lid, Mine gave up. Really like the new "O" Ring Gasket.

Works as advertised

Review by CR on 4/21/2019

Used this in place of another brand siphonless bucket. Better spigot placement (bottom did not extend beyond bottom of bucket) and no leaking from the spigot or its seal. I recommend if you're looking for a new one .

More than just a bucket

Review by Chuck Dann on 12/14/2018

When it comes down to it, this is just a bucket with a valve and a lid. However, it's also everything I need for a secondary fermenter. The bucket has easy to read graduations, and you can easily see the liquid level. The lid goes on easy, I had to use a rubber mallet on my old bucket, and you can see through the lid to make sure it is sealed all the way around. The lid comes off fairly easy too. The air lock is already set up on the lid. The valve with the siphon is slick. It comes with tubing that fits tightly on the spigot, so I just connected it, put the other end in the keg, and opened the valve. No need to put in the cane and setup a siphon.

Hassle free

Review by Stanley Taylor on 9/27/2018

This system is great for fermentation,airlock seal. Does a great job leaving most of the heavy settlements on the bottom easy clean up