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best plate chiller

Review by daniel on 6/1/2012

I have tried a few models of plate chillers and really nothing comes close to this. The weight keeps it in place and the wort comes out cold even with low flow settings (I have fairly cold water where I live). It saves a bunch of water in comparision to an immersion chiller. One suggestion - get quick release connectors for this. It will make connecting and later, cleaning much easier.


Review by Anton on 10/21/2012

Works as advertised. Seriously, nothing else needs said.

works great, hard to clean

Review by Matthew on 11/1/2012

I use pellet hops and i whirlpool before transfer. This thing chills very well. Saves us a ton of time. But cleaning is a pain as far as I'm concerned. I have to flush it 10+ times to make sure all the pellet hops are out of it and that makes me worry about contamination. Also, i bought the connector for flushing it, but it didn't work with my sink and I had to completely redo that at the hardware store. Great product, but i think i need an inline filter and therefore I'm considering the hop rocket.

I love it!

Review by Robert on 4/13/2013

Probably shaved 45 minutes off of my brewing time, compared to immersion chiller. I've used this a few times, and it's great. It's also easy to sanitize the inside. It takes two Blichmann quick connectors (for hot wort and cold wort) and two garden hose connectors (for cold water and warm water). The edges can be a little sharp so handle it carefully. Also, don't touch it while it's got hot wort flowing through it!

Should of purchased one years ago

Review by Doug on 6/11/2013

I have been brewing for a few years now. I finally purchased the Blichmann Therminator and I am extremely impressed. I have used it twice now on 20 gallon boils. Both times it cooled the wort to 70 degrees in just over 5 minutes my well water is 60 degrees. I seriously was skeptical but I was very happy.

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