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Great product!!!!!!

Review by Jack H. on 9/21/2006

Pros: If used wisely, this is a inexpensive chiller like all products from Blichmann engineering it's great. It just takes a little less drinking on brew day and little more thinking.

Cons: Though to clear if you make a mistake and let debris get into it.

Another Great Blichmann product.

Review by David Mathews on 3/7/2008

Pros: Works just like they say. I've had no trouble with it cloging, but i do use a braid in the boil kettle just to be sure. Would recommend you get a march pump to go with to take advantage of the potential of the chiller, otherwise you almost have to install a flow control valve on the chill water to avoid over chilling your wort. Highly recommend.

Cons: Price is a bit steep, but what is your time worth?

Great chiller!

Review by Frank C. on 2/19/2010

Pros: This is a fantastic chiller! It will chill 20gal. of wort to 68° in less than 15min. My giant immersion chiller took about an hour and this chiller is easier to use and clean.

Cons: Like another reviewer said, I would have preffered to have IP threads on all four ports but that's not a very big deal.

Much better than my old counterflow

Review by Joseph on 5/13/2010

Pros: Very compact and easy to clean. The Therminator chills 10 gal. in half the time it used to take. I recommend getting the backflush hose for easy cleaning. Also the quickconnector fittings are nice, then you don't need a coupler with a quick disconnect.

Cons: No longer running the hot wort through copper, which is beneficial in brewing chemistry. Cleaning procedure includes using sanitizer which I never did with my counterflow.


Review by Ted on 5/19/2011

Great product, works as advertised. I have used the therminator to cool 5 and 10 allon batches. The therminator gets it done in minutes. The biggest complaint is the cost. I think it is worth the cash. Your beer can be cooled and inoculated much more quickly than any other method. Also, your brew day is shortened.

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