Average rating 9.43396226415094 out of 10 ( based on 53 reviews )

Delicious Beer

Review by Chad O. on 3/10/2008

Pros: This was my first time home brewing and the beer came out very good and tasty. Everyone who tried it loved it. Really easy to make.

Cons: None.

William's Kolsc

Review by Ravi T. on 3/10/2008

Pros: Good clean flavor with nice fruitiness. Easy to brew and drinkable in less than a month.

Cons: Carbonation was a little heavy but other than that no issues

********* Nine stars for this one!

Review by Tim M. on 3/9/2008

Pros: A very good product. It finishs nice and dry, has a wonderful flavor and came out better than expected. Our are has very hard water and it is tough to make a good lager. This Was It!

Cons: Color ended a little on the dark side but could have been due to kettle carmelization.

Vey good!

Review by Bryan on 3/9/2008

Pros: I brewed this without any adjustments to the recipe. I lagered it for about 7 weeks at 38-40F. The color was a very clear pale yellow. Mild citrus aroma. Flavor was very light and crisp with good citrus tones. A very satisfying beer, great for when your hot and tired. Alcohol was only 3.6% by weight so it was easy to slam a couple and then get back to work.

Cons: I thought it should have had a bit more malt flavor and I would have liked just a bit more body. When I brew it again I'll probably mash 2# of Vienna or Munich malt and add to the wort.


Review by Frederick B. on 9/9/2007

Pros: This beer is consistently applauded by those who I give it to. It has a really clean flavor and has worked well every time I have made it.

Cons: Never enough for me!