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Review by BRIAN I. on 12/11/2005

Pros: Perfect beer that anyone would enjoy. I have to admit I did change the recipe a little by using whole Hallertauer hops and dry hopping (kind of takes away from the Kolsch concept, but hey, this is America). Light body, definitely a session beer. Still have some lagering at 55deg. We'll see how they end up after another month or so. Can't wait. OG: 1.040 FG: 1.008. Highly recommend for someone looking for that first beer to brew as I can't imagine it disappointing.

Cons: none

Just like Williams said

Review by zendog3 on 11/29/2005

Pros: I have been brewing for about a year now. I keep very careful computerized records of each batch, noting every step and the results. I brew kits from Williams and other sources. So far, Kolsch is the best beer I have brewed that suits my taste. I think the Williams description (above) really nails the flavor of this beer. It tastes a lot like the German lagers I remember from my Air Force tour over there in the 60’s. It is not “strong” on flavor or alcohol. I can drink several without feeling bloated. It is a little sweet, and may not suite people who like strong, heavy, ale brew-pub style beers. But anyone who likes Mexican or German lagers will, I think, like this as good as, or better. Better, perhaps, because it has a fuller food flavor. It will be hard for me to try a different kit because I doubt that I will like another as well. Ah, well: so little life, so many beer!!!

A beer for all

Review by michael_swanson on 9/20/2005

Pros: I brewed this beer and took it to a friend's Octoberfest. Everyone liked the beer. People who usually drink Coors Light and those who drink Guiness all enjoyed the flavor of the Kolsch.