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absolutely wonderful

Review by charlie s. on 7/30/2007

Pros: This ale has become my favorite! It is very refreshing and if you didn't know it was an ale you would swear it was a lager. Extremely easy to brew. I have made 2 runs and am about to do my 3rd. You have got to try it!!!!

Cons: The only con is that it disappears much too quickly. I think someone is breaking into my cellar and drinking them(but they leave the bottles).

Give it a try!

Review by SRfromGA on 5/24/2007

Pros: Easy to brew and most domestic beer drinkers I know enjoyed it. It has a smoothness similar to a lager, but with better mouthfeel and flavor. You can be drinking this beer in less than 4 weeks after brewing, but it does become smoother after an additional 3-4 weeks of conditioning.

Cons: None really.

Best yet

Review by Kelly K. on 12/26/2006

Pros: I've been brewing for 13 years, from kits and from recipes. This is our favorite to date. My wife was stationed in Germany in the late 80's and said this is how she remembers Kolsch tasting. We are having a very hard time rationing this out. This has become our new favorite brew, and will be brewing more of this style. It has a low carbination (good session beer), mildy sweet taste, and a beautiful straw color. A true nectar of the gods.

Cons: Can't knock a good brew!

Best so far

Review by Michiel P. on 9/2/2006

Pros: This was my first. I'm still a beginner, with my 17 batch in the secondary. The William's Koelsch was the is my favorite so far. I saved back a couple, and just opened them after 8 months in the bottle - they were still great. I wish I had a few more. I'm having fun doing "mad scientist brewing" but I'll eventually try this kit again.

Cons: Nil!

Great First Brew!!!

Review by John D. on 6/13/2006

Pros: This was my first attempt at homebrewing and it turned out great! I racked it to a secondary fermentor (carboy) and allowed it to sit for 10 days before bottling. Very smooth taste! Can't wait to start another one... j.d.

Cons: This batch will be gone before the next one is ready.