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Good Kit

Review by Crows Nest on 5/30/2014

Simple to make, instructions were easy to follow. My only issue is that mine did not ferment out fully, leaving it too sweet for a Pinot Noir.

Wait and See

Review by Denise on 1/29/2014

First I need to say how surprised I was to get a kit in such a small package. Two large cans of concentrated Pinot Noir juice. I was also surprised as to the few components which came with the kit i.e. only yeast and oak granules. Other kits I purchased from different companies come in larger boxes which include a bag of juice, bentonite, clarifiers, labels, yeast, oak chips and/or oak sachet. The instructions are very straight forward. I think this kit may be for someone who has made wine before since there is no reference to the need to take a Specific Gravity reading before adding yeast or the oak granules. Also there is no reference to the need for removing gas from the wine once fermentation is finished. This kit needs 3 months to clear, without clarifiers, then bottle which is a little long for me. Having said this I am extremely impressed with the ease in which the fermentation started after only a few hours and how it is progressing. I may or may not add clarifiers to speed things up a bit. I have had experience with another company’s kit where I just let a carboy sit for a month and it cleared perfectly without the addition of clarifiers. Finally this kit makes 5 gallons of wine. I usually make 6 gallons of wine since I have a 6 gallon carboy so I need to deal with this. But this is a simple issue to address. I called Williams with questions and am impressed with their honest clear responses. I am very happy so far with Williams Brewing.

Easy and delicious

Review by MAX on 7/27/2013

Although this Pinot has only been in bottles for about 1.5 months, it is very tasty. Somehow, I need to hang onto some of the bottles to see how they are in 6 or more months from now.

Great Kit

Review by William on 4/20/2013

This wine is still sitting and ageing. When transferring it over to the secondary fermenter I had myself a taste and I couldn't be happier I'm very excited for the finished product. Kit itself was great I really liked the canned concentrate versus bagged concentrate found in other kits.

Exactly what I was after

Review by Robert on 4/13/2013

I tend to prefer BIG red wines, however I have many friends who prefer lighter but flavorful reds. I purchased this Pinot Noir to fill that niche in my cellar. I must say, this wine will fill that need very nicely. It is still early (clearing stage, about 4 weeks since pitching yeast) but I am very impressed with the flavors and balance of this wine. I can't wait to get 6-12 months age on this. Try it. I believe you will not be disappointed. This could well become a staple in my cellar.