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California Cabernet Sauvignon Kit

Review by RCH on 2/8/2010

Pros: I consider myself to be still in the process of making this wine. I have it in a carboy and I have "barrel tasted" it and so far it is the best from concentrate wine I have ever made.

Cons: I don't know for sure but, it may be better to instruct people to add the oak after the first racking instead of during primary fermintation.


Review by Tim B. on 7/11/2008

Pros: This wine is very easy to make. The taste is more like a mild bodied port than a Cabernet at the moment... probably needs time to mature. Overall, I am happy with the results.

Cab kit

Review by MJL on 3/7/2008

Pros: Easy to make, smells incredibly awesome while fermenting. Even simpler than making beer, since no brewing is required. When I serve it to guests, they generally like it.

Cons: Time is a major factor. I made a cab in 2004 (3.5 years ago) that still needs some aging to mellow out. The wine starts out overly fruity with a wicked bite. The bite has left now, but it's still only average - comparable to a roughly $5 bottle in the store. I'm hoping another year or so in the cellar will give it some complexity.

William's Cabernet

Review by BRUCE C. on 9/30/2005

Pros: Easier than brewing beer, this has been my first adventure in wine making. As a beginner, I appreciated the fact that I didn't have to worry about acid balance, ph, or sulfite. Instructions are limited, but as with most who brew or make wine, I keep adequate reference materials on hand to supplement instructions that come with the kit. Although I did purchase fermenters dedicated to making only wine, I needed to buy very little additional equipment before I was ready to bottle. Most references report that the wine will taste dramatically different after a year or more in the bottle. I suspect that is true of the wine I made, but it actually tastes pretty good right now. Starting gravity 1.110 Final Gravity .998 ABV at bottling 15.2% These kits seem to be very consistent. I've made Cabernet from three in the past few months, and the characteristics of the wine produced are very much the same.

Cons: At bottling the wine is slightly sweeter than is typical for a Cabernet, but not so much so as to make it objectionable.

cab comments

Review by kgadzia on 9/16/2005

Pros: Simple to make. Flavor acceptable, but aging of most bottles still continues.

Cons: The instructions and details for these wine making kits are minimal. I have tried most of the wine making kits availalbe and found their instructions and on-line help much more informative than the 4 line quip on the side of the extract box. Help us make better wine by testing these products and getting the instructions more detailed and with options for improving the outcomes at various stages. Thanks for the chance to review. Cheers.