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Cab kit

Review by Samuel on 5/13/2011

Pros: for the price this is a great kit. I ordered it with the winery and it has everything I need. It was supper easy to make if you want something less time consuming then brewing beer. Cons: I was looking for something a little more complicated then this but this is good for my first wine. Also the instructions on the package are very vague. I think a more detailed instruction manual would be nice for beginners like myself. The instructions say to add water until you reach 5 to 5&1/2 gallons which I did thinking it was great that I was gonna have more wine..... However, I just found out that the better bottle that is included in the winery is only 5 gallons so I might be wasting a little wine

Great Wine at a Good Price

Review by rich on 9/3/2011

I have made wine with this kit at least 4 times and plan on doing so again. I really like the taste, as well as the ease of making good wine. I usually bottle half in wine bottles and half in beer bottles. The only bad thing, which other people have also mentioned, is the instructions. For a newbie, it would be nice to have a better description of what to do and why. After the 1st batch turns out OK, the instructions are fine for the 2nd batch.

Cabernet Sauvignon California wine kit

Review by Thomas on 5/24/2014

Started making wine since 1970. Wine judge at Ohio State Fair for 7 years. Bottled Dec. 2012. Wine could/should have been drier and have more oak flavor. The flavor is not up to a commercially made Cabernet Sauvignon standards. The wine is very interesting and good, but fals short. I would like to try again with keeping ant air away from the fermentation/bottling process.

novice winemaker

Review by Dean Baldridge on 10/12/2016

So far so good, still in the process, curently fermentation. Looking forward to the finished product

So far so good!

Review by JoAnne on 11/16/2016

So we decided to give this a try. Our first experience making wine. Looked at trying to just use grapes but that seemed waaaay too hard. This was just so simple! Mixed it up, followed all the directions & now we wait! So easy, thanks!

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