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Even the French Like It

Review by Brian on 3/8/2013

We served this to our parish priest who is French, and he really liked it. He took a few bottles home and spread to word to other wine-loving members of our congregation, who also got some bottles. The only downside to gaining fans is that I'm losing wine! This wine is best if you can keep yourself from drinking it all right away. A year on, it has really matured well.

Chardonnay kit

Review by Louis on 7/31/2013

I've made this wine twice. The first batch I poured down the drain. The second is headed the same direction. I've been a very successful home brewer for nearly 20 years but have had almost no luck with the wine kits from Williams. I've tried 6 or 7. I wanted to enhance the oak in the first 3 kits and that did not end well, so that's my fault. The next 3 or 4 however, did not even come close to 2 buck Chuck in drinkability. I like Williams and buy nearly all my brewing supplies from them, but their wine kits don't work for me. I'm sure Williams means well by offering a low priced kit, but if you know anything about winemaking you need to know what you're starting out with. With these kits you're totally clueless, and that won't produce good wine.

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