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Review by Jesus on 9/12/2012

I've had my fair share of IIPA's but whether I brewed this completely wrong or was given the wrong ingredients, this is by far the furthest beer from an IIPA. My version came out tasting like a brown ale more than anything. Color was just as dark or nothing you would compare an IIPA to be closely related to. Alcohol content was at 5% which is okay, does its job. All in all, for me, it’s not the greatest but not the worst.


Review by Al on 10/16/2012

I oxygenated before pitching a 2 liter starter into this heavy wort. It still finished pretty high at 1.035 and is really sweet. This turned out more like a hoppy barleywine than anything remotely close to an IPA.

This is a tasty IPA

Review by Jeremy on 11/7/2012

I alway taste my beer from fermentation thru bottling, Nothing but good news so far.I used a starter yeast that went nuts after the second day ,But passed quickly.I tasted the 4 day old beer.It's coming along fine.The taste is definitly a strong IPA.It has a great grapefruit smell and taste.I'll be putting the secondary in my spare bath tub full of cold water For the whole 15 days .After bottling I'm going to put a six pack in a cool dark place for two weeks and the rest in a cold tub of water for the same amount of time ,Just to see if there will be a difference between the two.I will be buying way,way more in the very near future.


Review by William on 12/1/2013

Easily the best William's kit available. Brewed as per instructions. With exception of 9 days in Primary and 14 in Secondary. The beer was fabulous on bottling day, and very very good after 4-5 days of conditioning. Most is gone, and I'm already dreading the gap before the next batch is ready. Will order again soon, and try dryhopping with some homegrown hops.

great Ipa everybody loved it ill get it again for shure

Review by michelle on 3/26/2015

great Ipa everybody loved it ill get it again for shure it reminded me of a 7 dollar per bottle micro brew like a stone brewing co ipa or any of the other high quality ipas i would get at the liquer store in oceanside great job williams ive made about 20 of your home brew kits and all have been excellent but I really really enjoyed your imperial ipa i held back like a third of the first hopp addition and it was great probably be great with all the hopps but that's just what i did

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