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Good Beer

Review by Douglas H. on 1/23/2009

Pros: This wasn't too bad to brew using a very over sized pot. I did notice that it tasted much better after aging for over two months. Had a nice hoppy flavor.

Cons: Blew the lid off my fermenter. Foam came out the air lock for over two days. I had to clean it often. Worth the effort.

Excellent Beer

Review by Reid on 3/22/2009

Pros: This was the second beer I ever brewed, and as the directions mention, with all the malt extract boil overs did occur and my air lock did get filled with foam. After 2 months of aging, the final product was fantastic. There was a lot of flavor and a lot of alcohol. I brew a lot for my father and he drank the first one so quickly i had to brew another.

Cons: I would highly recommend the use of a yeast starter and proper oxygenation of the wort to make sure this beer starts fermenting quickly. Making a hop tea separate from the malt extract is a good idea for getting the full flavor out of all the hops that go into this beer.

My Best Brew Yet!

Review by Travis B. on 2/6/2010

Pros: Very distinct hoppy taste. I have poured a glass for a friend who asked me "Is this Dogfish Head?". I laughed and told them I had brewed it myself with the help of Williams.

Cons: The only issue I have is that the hop bags are labeled with codes that are very similar, making it easy to mistake one for the other.

Not bad, but a little on the sweet side

Review by Alex on 2/7/2010

Pros: A strong, hoppy ipa with plenty of bang for your buck. As with all kits, this was very easy/fun to brew,

Cons: I found it to be a little too sweet...in the future I may scale back the priming sugar.

Imperial IPA

Review by Greg W. on 2/7/2010

Pros: This beer was delicious. It had a very hopped up flavor comparable to the drafts offered in pubs. It is by far my favorite.

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