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Great for hopheads!

Review by Greg N. on 12/14/2005

Pros: This beer turned out just as described with rich malt flavor along with the extra hop flavor. I've made this twice where I dry-hopped the 2nd batch which gave it an extra and distinct hop kick. I plan to make it again.

Cons: Doesn't appear to have the abundance of hop-flavor of commerically available Imperial IPAs, but still is very good for home brewing.

Imperial IPA

Review by Richard S. on 4/6/2006

Pros: Great flavor and easy to brew. This is my 3rd order for William Imperial IPA kit - my friends are waiting for my next batch. They all (and I) believe it to be my best beer.

Cons: Pricey.

Imperial IPA

Review by greg n. on 10/28/2006

Pros: This was a big beer as advertised. It tasted good when you take into account the high alcohol level. It was easy to brew.

Cons: The reason I bought this kit was because of the high hop content. I like my beer hoppy, so when I saw 90 ibu's I was thinking this is the beer for me. When I opened the kit and saw the 3 hop packets I was thinking this better be some high hop content hops. There was 3 packets of hops I weighed it as I added, and the total was about 5.5 ozs. They don't list the AA content in the kits so I couldn't go by that method. (Least in this kit the AA wasn't listed). I had my doubts about 90 ibu's after I saw the hop packets. Everything went fine with the brewing and here it is 4 weeks later, and at least to my taste buds its not 90 ibu's, maybe 45. I make alot of hoppy beers, and by no way am I a expert but I was disappointed in this beer. If I had to do it again I'd just buy the stuff seperately and make my own version. I'd just double my normal hop addition (usually a 6oz pack of hop pellets at 8 to 12 AA). Plus it would probably be cheaper.

Best out of 7 kits.

Review by shane r. on 2/12/2007

Pros: This is the sixth kit I have brewed from Williams and it is very good. The hops are just right and it is not too sweet. I have been grading the beer kits I have purchased and gave this beer an A. I will be brewing this one again.

Cons: The only con on this beer is. Don't give it to someone that is not used to drinking beer. The alcohol level can sneek up on you after 44oz. or so.

Great, strong IPA

Review by Rich on 4/28/2007

Pros: This was my second batch, the first being the West Coast Ale. The hop pellets in the box were not the one's on the recipe and I dry-hopped 2oz. of Amarillo in the secondary ferment. The final product was just about perfect, but watch out, the alcohol level is as high as advertised. Next time I will select all of my own hops.

Cons: cost

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