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Very tasty

Review by Kristofer on 2/5/2015

Came out great, light and good mouthfeel. Looks a bit darker than you may be used to with a Belgian Wit. Looks, least colorwise, to an IPA but definitely the great taste of a Wit. Good price for a tasty batch. You know you want to buy this :P

Excellent Wit, but DON'T use all the priming sugar!

Review by John Faustini on 9/27/2015

This is an excellent Belgian Wit (I prefer it to Blue Moon), and easy to brew. I've brewed two batches so far, and I plan to keep brewing a batch each year. I have learned one thing, though, DO NOT ADD ALL THE PRIMING SUGAR PROVIDED IN THE KIT. I made this mistake the first time I brewed this, even though 4.5 oz. seemed high, and I ended up with exploding bottles for the first time in my 3+ decades (off and on) of brewing. Last time I cut the priming sugar to 3.5 oz. (with a finishing gravity of 1.011) and it was still way too foamy. Next time I'll try 3.0 oz. Surprised no one else seems to have mentioned this issue. William's Brewing Responds: This is not normal behavior for this kit. How many days did you wait between adding the yeast and bottling? Generally too much carbonation comes from bottling too soon. A finishing gravity of 1.011, although low, does not necessarily mean the beer has fully fermented out. I hope this helps.

Belgian Wit

Review by Mike Williams on 11/8/2017

The first time I've made this one. After aging in the bottle for 15 days it was a great opening. Herbal flavors and a very nice mouth feel. Not overly hoppy. Very nice. I'll be buying this one again.

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