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Yeast Explosion

Review by martinbs1q on 3/11/2009

Pros: Tastes like a fresh Blue Moon. Goes down like water, very refreshing beer. Belgian styles are becoming my friends favorite kits and this one might just be the best. Don't fret if the yeast blows out of the airlock.

Cons: Had the yeast blow right out of the airlock as well. Happy to report this was an Awsome Beer still. Just make sure you don't have anything around you want ruined. Cleaned up without fuss.

Belgian Wit

Review by Travis P. on 4/25/2009

Pros: I received this belgian ale kit as a gift. It is wonderfully refreshing. A friend compared it side by side to Hoegaarden White Ale and liked this one better stating it has a crisper finish.

Cons: Use a blowoff tube during primary fermentation!!!!Trust me!!!

Great Wit

Review by Mike P. on 8/3/2009

Pros: easy kit to brew with good instructions. Flavor is great and compares well to some of the well known belgian witbiers on the market. Very refreshing.

Cons: The only "con" was self inflicted as a result of not listening to the previous review to use blow off tubing. Aggressive primary fermentation!! Use blow off tubing!

Wow, you need to let this age

Review by John M. on 12/2/2009

Pros: Yes, you do need to watch the fermentation. Need to let it age. The difference between just 2 wks, versus 3 wks was startling, supply may not make it to 5 or 6 wks. Used Lemon instead of Orange, it works. Everyone, I mean everyone, is sucking this down.

Cons: Highly advise to double the receipe if you can, it will go that fast.


Review by Chris T. on 2/5/2010

Pros: This review is actually for the "Christmas Wit", which I don't see listed at the moment. Like others, I had a pretty aggressive fermentation, to the point that it actually lifted the top off my fermenter! OG 1090 (!), FG 1025. Flavor is very mild.

Cons: There was only one spice pouch included, although the recipe mentioned two. I personally find the beer way too sweet, although I haven't tried it again since leaving it to mature (in the keg) for an extra month.

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