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Best Beer kit so far

Review by Steven K. on 7/19/2008

Pros: I love Belgian Wheat beers, and this one did not fail to please. Very refreshing.

Cons: None, will order again.

Excellent Summer Brew

Review by rmwinning on 8/6/2008

Pros: Very Light and crisp for a summer wheat. Gets increasingly more mild with age. Probably the best wheat style ales.

Cons: Tastes a little tangy unless it ages in the bottle for a good 4-6 weeks.

Pretty good

Review by Blaze on 8/7/2008

Pros: Even though I was not able to ferment it at the required 65 degrees (my basement stayed at 85 this summer), this beer turned out really well. Nice taste, kind of like a lighter-bodied Hoegaarden or Blue Moon. Tastes good on its own and even better with an orange slice.

Cons: Be careful not to ferment past the timeline or it will taste a little sour. (I unknowingly let some bottles sit in the basement a little longer before refrigeration.... rookie mistake)

Wit beer

Review by Andy M. on 1/23/2009

Pros: Awesome taste. Similar to Hoegaarden but much more bold and complete. Great kit!!! only wish I had more! Will brew again for sure.

Cons: 48 bottle batches go quick with this kit!!!!!

violent ferment

Review by Michael k. on 2/23/2009

Pros: Easy to brew. Surprised my friends, who couldn't believe I brewed this quality of an ale my first time out.

Cons: none.

Cons: brewed on saturday (pitched the yeast too) went to work monday came home and the yeast was comming out the top of the air lock (6.5 gal carboy filled to 5gal) and all over the side of the carboy. hopefully this will not have wrecked the brew

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