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Really good beer for the wife!!!!!

Review by Vincent K. on 2/9/2007

Pros: First time to use William's brewing. Great support team when you need that question or two answered. This was a really good welcome back beer. Good, Clean flavor with nice color. This one I will certainly brew again.

Cons: Needs maybe a little more spice flavors. A week or two longer for good aging and then it is really a fine beer!!!!

Belgian Wit

Review by Robert W. on 6/23/2007

Pros: Very nice flavor, nice spice, good head. Best after a couple of weeks in the frig


Review by jay myers on 7/20/2007

Pros: Brewed and kegged this one for a party and it was a hit. Nice smooth drink with a light spicy flavor. I sometimes am not sure if people are being straight with their compliments on my brews, but when I saw about 8 of my buddies sitting in a circle around the keg and all where constantly half bent over refilling their cups, I knew I had found my housebrew-They call it BlueJay.

Cons: None that I can find except 5 gallons goes pretty quick.

Great with honey

Review by Alex S. on 8/21/2007

Pros: I added 1 lb of organge blossom honey and it turned out great. Highly recommend it.

belgian wit

Review by Andrew K. on 9/14/2007

Pros: Excellent beer! Added an extra 1/2 oz of bitter orange peel. will definitely make again.

Cons: none

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