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Install hint

Review by Mike on 7/2/2012

This worked great for me, I inserted it into the back of my pinewood derby car, and now have a nifty tap handle. Hint for installing: Don't use the screwdriver slots (I actually inserted that end first, so the slot is hidden). Instead, find a 3/8" x 2" bolt, and a nut. Thread the nut on the bolt far enough so that you can also thread the threaded insert on the bolt. Screw the insert onto the bolt so the end of the bolt and the insert are flush. Snug the nut against the insert, it doesn't need to be tight. By turning the bolt and nut together, you can thread the insert right in. The bolt also gives you more control to be sure the insert goes in straight. Loosen the nut, and the bolt will come right out. No more broken off brass!

Moose Femur

Review by Mark on 5/5/2013

I plugged one of these in a huge moose femur and use it for my moose bone ipa tap. Most excellent

Design Problems?

Review by Dave on 3/26/2015

Threads are too thick and too close together. A 1/2" hole is not wide enough. Needs to be 1/16" or so wider. Then there is the screw driver slot being too wide and snap off. The item binds so much when trying to insert that my tap handles split. I have about 10 threads that I will be glad to give away. I found a similar item at a local home improvement store that work the way these are supposed to.

Good Product - Bad Install Instructions

Review by Mike 2 on 12/24/2015

I ran into all the same problems as everyone else, 1/2" is just too small for hardwoods, might work with pine, but you should use a 9/16" drill bit with a 1/2" shank. I also used the bolt and nut method (the 3/8"-16 bolt and nut should be offered as an additional part to order for the install). I used a bar of soap to lube the threads and also a two part epoxy (just a few drops placed on to the wall of the hole) to make sure that if the wood gets wet in the future, the nut won't spin in the hole. - Good materials, good machine work, - Just needs better instructions and a bolt and nut.

9/16th drill bit

Review by Shifty Johnson on 5/31/2016

Inserts work great... But you have to use a 9/16th drill bit. The 1/2" bit is too small. Use the slightly larger bit and these work perfectly.

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