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Foam Party!

Review by Vern S on 9/19/2017

Too sudsy. Have to add after water so it's not a foam party. Seems effective as a sanitizer though.

Sanitizer extraordinaire

Review by Jon D on 11/23/2016

This sanitizer product is what I have been using since I started homebrewing. It works and works. If the parts and utensils you are sanitizing are well cleaned as recommended you can reuse this product over and over. Just keep a lid on it between uses and see that the pH stays below 3.5.

Don't skimp, Stretchable quantity

Review by Jon on 3/26/2015

Cleanliness and Sanitation are A#1 to keeping the beer that you brew drinkable till it's done. Star San has never let me down since I started using it. Star San is NOT a cleaner, so don't skimp on the first process hoping that the second process will make up for it. Once your equipment is clean, a simple soak in a Star San solution should do all the necessary sanitation. Now, if you're frugal, like me, you'll realize that you don't need to make gallon-upon-gallon of solution. Make enough to easily splash around everything you're using (I usually make about a gallon solution per 10gal brew day). This is plenty to sanitize multiple carboys (pour into one, shake around, pour into the other, shake around, repeat a couple times), tubes & fittings (let them soak), conicals (soak parts after boiling, soak seals, splash around the lid and main conical). When done, fill up a spray bottle and keep that on hand. Either I'm working in a completely sterile environment, or Star San works.

got to have

Review by Andy on 10/17/2013

starsan is a must for beer making. Sanitizes with not having to rinse. Which saves alot of time. Great stuff. Seriously need this stuff.

Cheapest price and Fast Shipping

Review by Michael on 11/17/2012

One of the best sanitizers and the cheapest price I could find. Even with not being shipped via air it arrived in two days. DFTF (dont fear the foam!)