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Review by STEPHEN S. on 8/11/2006

Pros: simple to use and does a great job

Cons: somewhat expensive

This stuff Rocks!

Review by Travis G. on 2/6/2010

Pros: Excellent Cleaner, Bottles and Equipment look great, and it makes label remover a snap! Also, works to clean the mildew smell from front loading washing machines. I highly recommend PBW to anyone.

PBW cleaner

Review by John K. on 9/4/2011

Pros: Fast, effective cleaner of almost any type of deposits, especially where it's hard to scrub, such as inside thermos bottles or pipes. If you can scrub the material, you can make a thinner mix. Cons: Expensive, and you probably should wear gloves if you put your hands into the solution.

Works Great

Review by MATTHEW ELLIS on 12/8/2015

This product works much much better than Oxi-clean with less foam generated. The only thing that would better is if it was also a sanitizer as well.

4 lbs is better than 1 lb.

Review by Dave on 10/7/2017

I finally bought this big size tub after having gone through several one pounders. Within days of receiving it, a guy I'd never met who was giving up home-brewing gave me an old corny keg (for free!). I got it home and looked inside at some nasty fossilized crap. I'm convinced the beer gods rewarded my purchase. If you buy a 4 lb. tub of PBW, maybe you'll be as lucky as me. If not, you'll still have 4 lbs. of PBW at a very good price.

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