Average rating 9.9 out of 10 ( based on 10 reviews )

Wish I would have found this 25 batches ago

Review by George on 1/12/2013

will not brew without it. Boilovers ruin my day - this product removes that worry. Makes the boil part of the brew day the easiest.

Can't Brew BIG without it!

Review by Brett W. on 11/6/2012

This is an absolute must when you are brewing big beers and you don't want to loose all the good stuff out the blow off tube, it keeps everything in your fermenter with no mess.


Review by David on 3/4/2011

This is an absolute necessity for all grain brewers that boil in a turkey fryer. I used it for the first time while boiling a 6.75 gallon porter in a 7 gallon pot. No boilover!

Awsome product

Review by Mark M. on 3/8/2008

Pros: Works as described. No blow off tube needed. Since moving back to using dry yeast exclusively, I started getting lots of overflowing fermentations... a big mess. I tried the little dropper type stuff the other Homebrew shops are selling but it didn't work for me. This stuff is the only things I've found to work.

Cons: None. I don't get that 'loose' sedimentation that the previous reviewer mentioned.

A little goes a long way !

Review by JOHN D. on 9/18/2005

Pros: My sister and I have been brewing together for 10 yrs. and she gave me the 7 gal conical fermentor as a gift. We have always brewed 6.5 gal batches because of our larger glass carboys. We put our first few batches in our new fermentor and had overflow. We didn't lose much volume, but what a mess. I used a 1/4 teaspoon of the Fermcap Foam Control, what a difference, it turned out to be a nice steady fermentation without any overflow.

Cons: One small draw back to a 1/4 tsp. of Fermcap Foam Control the sediment is very soft and if you disturb it, it mixes into the beer very easily giving you a little more sediment on the bottom of your bottled beer. The simple solution was to use 1/8 tsp of Fermcap Foam Control, I still got the gentle fermentation with more of a gelatin type of sediment that didn't break up when it was diturbed