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  • This shows our Old American Ale after it has aged for 3 weeks.

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You’ve quaffed more corn than you realize. Though more often thought of as an ingredient in foods, corn has been used extensively in commercial brewing since the European-inspired lager boom of the mid 1900’s. Corn as an adjunct produces a beer with a less satiating, snappier taste, ideally suited to the often warm climate of our country.

Our Old American Ale is a refreshing light ale brewed in the style of pre-prohibition American beers, before the trend began (after the repeal of prohibition) to ever lighter beers with lower hopping rates. Stronger in hop flavor than current mass-produced American beers, Old American Ale includes an authentic malt and corn fermentable malt base, consisting of 30% flaked brewers corn and 70% two row barley malt for the light crisp character only an adjunct like corn can provide.

Choose our Old American Ale if you like a light refreshing ale, and do not have the temperature controlled aging area needed for a lager. Alcohol: 4.8%, IBU’s 23. Includes 8 lbs. of malt and corn extract, flavoring and aromatic hops, 125 ml of liquid ale yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.049. Ease of Brewing: Beginner

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This shows our Old American Ale after it has been aged for 3 weeks.


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by Sharon Redgrave
on 1/3/2018
New Year's Day tradition
This has become my husband's 'go-to' kit brew for his annual New Year's Day' brewing. A kit is perfect for NYDay---never know how you are going to feel, and the directions are a breeze. Last year's brew we took to the total eclipse in Salem, Oregon and shared it with a friend who is a truly skilled home brewer and she gave it an big thumb's up. Thank you William's Brewing; t'was an brew that shall not be eclipsed! Yum!
by Tim Dudley
on 6/18/2017
from Marcellus NY
Second Time
Enjoyed this basic beer before. Very simple to brew. The first time I added 3.5 oz. of candied ginger from Penzi Spices. Came out very nicely. This beer is still in the secondary, doing nicel, and per "customer" request, I will add a small amount of peach concentrate at the end. Enjoy. 
by Kevin
on 9/16/2014
from South Lake Tahoe
Uninformative and uninteresting...
General commentary on the Willams Brewing kits.  VERY basic.  The kits contain no grains at all, and no indication of the variety or amount of any of the hops or malt extracts.  Just a big bag of extract, and three packets of hops with a code printed on them to reference the recipe.  Additionally, the smack pack in the wyeast pack i got in this recipe had been activated during shipping, and was bursting the box open when I received it.  This beer could taste amazing, but I found the kit and process to be as mundane as they come.  Hopefully no one asks me whats in it.  Please don't tell me you're trying to keep these recipes a secret...
by Dave
on 9/13/2014
from Wirtz
Old American Ale (Stewart's Ale)
I brewed this ale in honor of my close friend who was killed in Afghanistan on June 20, 2014 (SSgt David Stewart USMC) This brew was my best one yet, color,taste,aroma,head and finish. it is an exceptional beer and one which I will brew again in honor of all those who gave the ultimate sacrifce, and those still in harms way. I can't say enough good things about this brew except to give it 5 stars and CUDOS..  
by Robert
on 9/13/2014
from Westminster
Very Drinkable!
Ordered the kit so I would have the beer ready for summer, got busy and didn't brew til July. The kit arrived in great condition and was refrigerated until ready to brew. Pulled yeast and smacked 3 days before ready to brew. Smack pack looked like it was ready to burst but didn't. Starting gravity was 1.052. I brewed in July and don't have temp controlled fermentation so it went at 76 degrees. Yeast took off in less than 24 hrs. very vigorous fermentation. Racked to secondary after 4 days at 1.022. After another 10 days primed and bottled @ 1.020. Sampled at 9 days in bottle, CO2 was a little low. 1 more week in bottle CO2 was perfect. 2 more weeks in bottle and it is great! Nice carbonation, Slightly sweet malty character, just the right amount of hop bitterness to balance and nice noble hop aroma. Fruity esters very noticeable, possibly from high fermentation temp.  I will  brew this one again. I'll try to get it brewed earlier and do 10 gallons so I have it to drink all summer.
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