• Mash & Boil Pot Still Package
  • Shown with garden hoses and fitting you provide
  • The size of the quick disconnect garden hose fittings attached to the still

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This package features the 7 gallon capacity Mash & Boil, as well as the pure copper Kegland Pot Still Condenser with quick disconnect garden hose fittings, and Mash & Boil distilling lid.  Quick disconnect garden hose fittings mean you do not have to lug cooling water hoses around every time you assemble or disassemble your distilling unit.

Includes all the equipment you need except two garden hoses, two female garden hose quick disconnects (brands like Melnor, Hozelock, and Gardena work),  a Proof & Tralle Hydrometer, and Hydrometer Jar. For making brown spirits like Whiskey, Bourbon, Cognac, and Brandy.

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on 12/1/2019
from North Carolina
Mash and Boil Pot still package
Overall, got the job done.  Instructions were not very detailed. The Mash and Boil unit didn't have a "Run Time" option, as implied in the instructions.  Wish the cord was longer.  I think the basket should have perforations on the sides, instead of just on the bottom.  Water intake and output on the top of condenser were a little awkward, I think on the underside or out to the sides would have been easier to work with.   But it did get the job done, and I think it is a good value!
by Mark
on 2/6/2019
Amazing brew kettle
I love this thing. First batch of beer went smooth. Haven’t distilled anything yet. Great product 
by Michael Ebinger
on 12/12/2018
from Spokane, WA
Great Equipment
After a delay because of a shipping issue, Williams delivered the still.  Operated several times in the past few weeks, and it is a stellar addition to my brew room.  I have not brewed beer in it yet because as a still it is way too much fun.  Beer is soon, though, and I look forward to a vastly simplified brewing process with this working in brewing mode.
by Don
on 10/11/2018
from Iowa
Pot still package
The first run with 6 gallons of wine I got over a gallon of nice cognac. Use the 1600 watt setting to do initial warm up then down to 1000 watts for the run. Heats up too fast otherwise. Quality of the product seems excellent. 
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3/20/2020 3:30:43 PM
At what temperature do I set the mash/boil for distillation?
Most people start their run at 200 F, and then increase it to 210 F near the end of the run.
9/19/2018 10:22:15 PM
Does the mash and boil in this kit come with the original lid and grain basket as well?
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