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This KegLand three roller mill with aluminum hopper holds 12 pounds of malted barley, and features three 6" by 1½" knurled rollers turning in precisely machined ball bearings. Three rollers crush grain more thoroughly and evenly than a two roller mill for the most extract per pound of grain. Figure running 8 to 12 pounds per minute through this mill depending on its source of power.

Rollers are gap-adjustable at both ends and calibrations are included at both ends for easily repeatable gap settings. Gap can be set from 0 to .63", we recommend you start with .63" to see how your mill works, and then narrow the gap to .50" or so if you find any whole kernels coming through.

 The steel rollers are machined to efficently grab the kernels and pull them through the mill. The detachable handcrank can be removed to install a 1/2" shaft capable electric drill (we recommend a good quality variable speed corded drill, as this mill requires some force to turn quickly, and a cheap drill will not work well).

 Assembly required, you will need to screw the hopper together with the included machine screws and screw the base to your mounting board (mounting board and mounting screws are included for a limited time!).

Note: For use with malted barley only, not for use with corn.

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by Chris Muller
on 8/7/2019
from Southern CA
Da Mill
Built well, easy to assemble. Best way to set gap, have some old grain to waste. I used about 1/2- 3/4 of a pound. Made six adjustments from mid point to get the crush I needed. Don't use hard to mill grain such as cara or dexi pils. It might jam the mill. When you do have to mill cara pils or dexi pils mix them evenly with your base grain before you fill the hopper. 
by Mark Joy
on 3/4/2019
from Arlington
by Clem
on 7/13/2018
from olio
I have only used it once, it did a super job at the factory settings.
by Brian
on 6/18/2018
from California
I love it!
Well so far I haven't used it yet but I put it together and it looks great. Shipped quick too. Got it two days after I ordered. Seems to operate good to, I am looking forward to using this. But one thing I noticed was the instructions aren't entirely correct. Actually I see the picture here it's also not assembled correctly. The two little pieces on the bottom outside of the hopper are supposed to go in the inside. They help feed the grain toward the center of the rollers.
by Dan Keen
on 2/5/2018
from Mendocino, CA
Great mill, but difficult to assemble
I recently purchased this mill after doing my research on other options, For the price, this three-roller mill seemed like my best choice.

As usual, the mill arrived very promptly -- 2 days -- and it was in two boxes.  All of the stainless metal surfaces were protected with plastic film, which was easily removed.

Putting this mill together was a bit of a challenge -- the instructions aren't super clear, and it took me several attempts to get everything right.  The screws and bolts, for example, need to be assembled first without tightening everything, or pieces of the hopper won't fit together neatly.  In some cases, you need both a phillips screwdriver and adjustable wrench to tighten them, and this is difficult in some tight places.

Once assembled, it looks great, and operates as expected.  Adjusting the gap on the rollers was easy and straightforward, and I got great results from my first batch of grain milled with this product.
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4/1/2019 2:52:29 PM
What is the bolt gauge and length needed to attach a base board? Thanks
M6 by 20MM Metric bolt
Tony C
6/12/2018 10:51:12 AM
What country is this made in?
6/11/2018 10:58:27 PM
Are all the rollers gear driven or do the two other rollers simply turn from friction with the grain on the drive roller? I have had friends who have had issues with the three roller ungeared models.
There are no gears, it is friction.  We have had very good results these mills although  I wouldn't recommend them for any commercial applications.
3/4/2018 3:13:53 PM
Clearer instruction for adjusting the gap is warranted. Can a feeler gauge be used? I don't trust my eyeball to obtain a consistent gap using the etched numbers. Should both adjustment knobs be turned clockwise, or one clock and the other counter?
We generally try for .042" to start with, which is about the width of a common credit card. If you put a credit card in between the rollers and adjust so the rollers just brush the card, you have a good initial setting. Keep in mind the setting is determined also by the plumpness of the malt kernels, for example, 6 row will require a narrower gap and some two row types a little bit wider. 
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