Mark II Keg & Carboy Washer

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The Mark II Keg & Carboy Washer is a great way to continuously rinse carboys, kegs, and pails with sanitizing solution. It features a submersible pump that runs as long as you keep it plugged in. Fill the base (it holds a gallon) with a dilute cleansing solution such as Brewer’s Edge Cleanser or Five Star Saniclean™, put a carboy, keg, or Siphonless Fermenter on top of the unit, and turn on for 10 to 20 minutes to thoroughly wash the carboy, keg, or pail. You can put airlocks. valves, and more into the front tub on the unit, and they will be cleaned as well.

Includes adapters for cleaning tubing and complete instructions. 15” wide, 15” deep, 16” tall. We recommend the use of Brewer’s Edge Cleanser or Saniclean™ in this unit. Star San will not work due to excessive foaming. For safety, always plug into a GFI protected plug.

Click to download a scan of the instruction manual in pdf format.

Average rating 9.25 out of 10 ( based on 24 reviews )

Love it!

Review by killrwv7703 on 2/4/2012

This product makes sanitizing kegs, carboys and buckets a snap. Just fill the base with water and your favorite sanitizer, set your hardware on top, and plug it in. It's that simple to use. There are attachments to clean tubes for your kegs. I still recommend brushing your dirty carboys before sanitizing them with this product because the debris from the carboy will clog the pump but I still recommend this product.

works great, good company

Review by Nathaniel B. on 5/16/2012

The system works well and is simple to set up and use. Also, after I sent in the product registration, I just got two new parts for the washer (one new, one a stronger replacement) for free, in the mail, unannounced. That's service!

Best cleaning product ever!

Review by R SHAWN H. on 6/3/2012

I have the original version that has a base that was made by hand. It's not as "pretty" as this one, but functionally, it's the greatest addition to my system since I went all-grain. It cleans all my equipment except the 15-gallon pots. The directions say not to use StanSan for sanitizing, but I still do. You're not supposed to leave StarSan on the equipment for more than a few minutes anyway, so the foam is no big deal. I would give them ten stars if they made one large enough to use on my big pots, too!

Great for lite cleaning of kegs and carboys

Review by Ralph Craig on 6/7/2012

I really like the cleaner it is made for lite cleaning and sanitizing. I use it on all my kegs, better bottles and buckets.

Bite the bullet and buy it

Review by John M. on 8/29/2012

Wonderful product. This is WAY easier than my old method of add cleaner to the carboy, fill it up, pour out, etc...., great work out, but no. With this, fill up the well, put your carboy on and plug it in, done. What I like best is the active cleaning process so I know it is done. The well is large enough to place other fittings. Great device.

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Nov 17, 2020 by Hensi Eduardo Marroquin

Q: I understand that this is made for Sanitizing, would be a problem if i used PBW?

A: It works fine with PBW.

Jan 18, 2020 by John

Q: The krausen leaves solid material on the inside wall of my fermenter. Can this washer handle that?

A: Over 12 hours it might, but hard material is best removed by soaking with Brewer's Edge Cleanser or a PBW type cleaner and hot water. You might also need a carboy brush to assist removal of really stubborn deposits.

Oct 24, 2018 by Marshall

Q: Will this work with Sankey Kegs?

A: No, unless you remove the spear pick up tube so there is room for the sprayer to go inside the keg.

Oct 23, 2018 by Mike

Q: Can this be used with the plastic Big Mouth Bubbler fermentor?

A: Yes, with any fermenter.

Oct 23, 2018 by Andy

Q: Will it fit 1.7 gallon mini kegs ?

A: Yes

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