• Mark II 25 Watt Wort Pump
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Optional Stainless Pump Head
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 The MKII Pump from Keg Land is a magnetic drive high temperature pump capable of pumping  hot wort at temperatures of up to 248° F.  It can pump up to 5 gallons per minute, making it perfect for 5 to 20 gallon systems.  The maximum height it can pump is 11’ although gallons per minute will be reduced at higher pumping elevations.

  The pump head and impeller are constructed of food grade Xarec plastic (very similar to Polysulphone). The magnetic drive acts as a clutch allowing the user to put back pressure on the pump to slow down flow.  Like all magnetic drive wort pumps, it is not self priming - you must flood the pump head before turning on the pump.  The pump has ½” BSP male fittings on the inlet and outlet, which are compatible with all our ½” female NPT fittings. The inlet is in the center. Besides Xarec plastic, other wetted interior materials are nitrile rubber and stainless steel.

 The magnetic drive ensures no lubricated bearings are in contact with the liquid at all, so you can be sure there is no chance of any contamination of the liquid being pumped. The pump features a 67” power cord, and a mounting plate for permanent mounting.  The pump is 7¾” in overall length, and 3¼” wide including the mounting plate. The polysulfone head can be mounted at any angle on the pump to fit your application (an optional stainless head, William’s item Q80, is also available).   Shop around and compare, we think this is the best value currently available in a high temperature wort transfer pump.

 Important Safety Notice: This pump, like all 110 volt items that run in potentially wet areas, should be plugged into a GFI protected outlet for safety.


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by Brian
on 10/14/2018
from California
Quality pump for a solid price.
The Mark II pump truly surprised me. It performs very well and is extremely quiet. I currently have two of these pumps on my rig and have yet to have any issues with them. 
by Doug
on 4/17/2018
from Colorado
Good Quality Wort Pump
After one brew day, I am very happy with this pump. I added the stainless steel pump head and a ball valve flow control on the output side. It allowed me to recirculate the hot wort using silicone tubing and also cool it through my plate chiller into the fermenter. This setup worked great from max flow throttled all the way down to zero flow. Don't let the low cost fool you---this is a good quality pump. Recommended. 
by Clyde Knight
on 4/5/2018
from Longview, TX
Great Pumps!
I purchased two of these pumps for the all grain system I am building. One pump to run with my RIMS (mashing) and the other to transfer to my boil kettle. I have the system almost ready and have ran a leak test an control panel test on the system and these pumps work great! I did not but the stainless steel heads for the pump because there were extra but if I ever have to replace a head, I will buy the SS head at that time. These pumps are super quite, work fantastic, and only draw 1/4 of an amp each. They are an great buy for the money in my opinion.
by J
on 3/30/2018
from New Mexico
I was impressed with how quiet and fast this pump was. It worked perfect with my 5 gallon all grain setup and will work great if I ever go to 10 gallons too. 

You have to be a little careful when threading steel fittings onto the plastic head, but unless you cross thread it there's nothing to worry about. If the head ever breaks, the steel replacement head looks nicer anyway. 
by FeralBrau
on 1/5/2018
from West Michigan
Great Lil Pump!
Used in 1 batch so far and worked like a champ. It is so quiet compared to the chugger I used to have and half the price even with the stainless head upgrade. Just make sure you run on a GFCI and get the stainless head. Easy to take apart and clean. Great pump for a great price!
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11/1/2018 10:31:58 AM
Can you add a product thumbnail of the specification sticker similar to the 6W pump variant?
Good idea, we have just posted this picture.
8/9/2018 8:29:36 PM
I want to use this pump to supply cooling water for a small marine air conditioner. Can this pump be run continuously?
This pump does have a continuous duty cycle so it can run for extended periods of time, however it wasn't designed to be run 24/7 so we cannot guarantee it will run forever without rest periods or overheating.
7/9/2018 8:34:30 AM
I'm looking for a replacement impeller for my pump, the magnets in mine has swelled and prevented it from pumping, would this be something I could purchase from Williams brewing? Thanks!
Yes, we have this, search for Impeller part X11
3/19/2018 5:17:57 PM
Is there any specification for the wetted components on this pump? I understand the Impeller and Head are both made of PSU what are the seals made from? and then metal shaft that spins the impeller?
Nitrile,stainless steel, and Xarec plastic. Xarec plastic is a high temperature plastic very similar to polysulphone that is very stable, with good chemical resistance.  
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