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Discounted Chiller Tubing Kit
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This 25' stainless cooling coil from Kegland is the same chiller included in the Kegland Robobrew. It can be adapted to a wide variety of purposes including wort chilling, pre chilling of water when using ice with a wort chiller, and more.

Fits most boiling pots, as well as the Mash & Boil and Robobrew. It fits ½" interior diameter tubing (not included, see our optional discounted Chiller Tubing Kit). 15½" tall to the inlets and outlets, and the coil is 7¼" wide.

This also works great as a pre chiller for a wort chiller. Just pipe this coil into your cooling water supply line and pipe your wort chiller into the exit.  Then place this in a 5 gallon pail full of ice and water, and you can chill wort even in Florida or Hawaii on a hot day.


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by Erik
on 6/26/2018
from Iowa
Make this an option, not included
Lets start with the positive, it will chill wort.

I got one of these with my Robobrew V3, tried it once with my VERY cold groundwater and would love to return it.  My old tried and true, hand bend, 25' copper cooled the same volume of wart in less than half the time on my second batch.

Kegland! Make this chiller an option and not included with the Robobrew!  

I would, potentially, pay an extra $20 to go from this to your counterflow chiller if that was an option.  But I feel like I should return this and get whatever $44.99 minus shipping would be.
by Devin Giles
on 5/17/2018
from sebastian
Not impressed
I used this chiller on my mash and boil system hoping to cut 
down cool times compared to my 10 year old 3/8 25ft copper 
immersion chiller but it did not. the top pipes help it hang 
on the pot without it touching the bottom but it also slides around.
cooling time still took 45 to 50 mins and wasted tons of water. Being in florida ground water temps are in the 80 and even with a pre chiller and 2 bags of ice i will not be using it again and would rather get my money back. I just purchased a 50ft copper 1/2inch coil with a 5/10 split so im hoping this should do the trick. 
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