• KegLand Series 4 Kegerator
  • Shown with Flow Control Faucets
  • This shows the digital controls with fan switch (the fan is on)
  • This shows the tower cooling fan and glass holder
  • With 3 full sized 5 gallon kegs, you will have to remove the glass holder
  • With a 2.5 gallon and 2 five gallon kegs, the glass holder can remain
  • Converted to a fermentation chamber set at 63° F.
  • Converted to a refrigerator with the included shelf set at 33° F.
  • The drip tray is removable for easy cleaning
  • Back of unit shown with optional 5 Pound C02 Tank

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Our Price: $599.99
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  Water Resistant Kegerator Cover (+ $29.99)
  Heavy Duty Caster Upgrade (+ $38.99)


•  Designed by Homebrewers for Homebrewers
•  Wide 26° to 82° F Range
•  Forward Seal Stainless Intertap Faucets with optional tower selection
•  Easy to connect Duotight fittings included with all towers
•  Tower Cooling Fan with front panel switch
•  Converts to a Fermentation Chamber with a removeable shelf
•  Chilled Glass Storage
•  Removable Drip Tray for Easy Cleaning
•  Approved For Commercial Use
  One Year Warranty (and we stock all vital spare parts in case you need them after the warranty period)

Cold does not rise. You will find that a beer tower elevated above a refrigerator will always remain warmer than the refrigerator, resulting in initial pours from the kegerator that are warm and foamy, followed by colder pours once you have dispensed a beer or two. At home this is a real problem, unless you pour beers in quick succession. This is the only kegerator to include a tower cooling fan as standard equipment, and also feature a fan on/off switch on the front digital control panel.

When it is time to pour a glass, the Series 4 includes a handy glass holder inside to keep your beer glasses chilled. Just open the door and grab an ice cold glass and dispense. The beauty of the KegLand Series 4 is the extended range thermostat included. Unlike kegerators with standard 30° to 50° temperature ranges, the Mark 4 can be adjusted easily with the front panel digital display from 26° to 82° F (ambient temperature permitting), which means you can also use your kegerator as a fermentation chamber for ales in summer, a small refrigerator for food items, or even a wine cellar. Keep in mind the unit only cools, and does not heat, and a temperature of say 65 degrees F. is only possible if the temperature outside the kegerator is 65 degrees or warmer.

The drip tray rests on top of the unit, and can be removed for easy cleaning. This simple two piece design cleans up quick in your sink, and eliminates the need to clean a sticky drip tray on the unit.

 Included with all models are a a C02 bottle mounting bracket, removeable refrigerator shelf, integral tower cooling fan. You select the beer tower/faucet option that is right for you, and a free KegLand MK4 Dual Gauge Regulator is included.

Setup is easy with Duotight connections included for everything from the faucet shanks to the included regulator. These make it easy to connect and disconnect gas and beer lines, and eliminate the need for hose clamps. As noted below, you will need additional parts depending on how many faucets you get, and if you want to dispense home brew or a commercial keg.

Note that kegerators need 4" of clearance on both sides when installing so they do not overheat, so this model cannot be installed flush into a countertop with no side clearance like a dishwasher.

Needed but not included for each ball lock home brew keg supplied faucet in your tower:
1 B11 Threaded Gas Ball Lock
1 D32 Threaded Beer Ball Lock
2 Z93 Duotight Flare Adapters

For example, if you buy a Triple Tower and plan on dispensing three ball lock kegs, you will need:
3 B11 Threaded Gas Ball Locks
3 D32 Threaded Beer Ball Locks
6 Z93 Duotight Flare Adapters

Needed but not included for each Sankey commercial beer keg supplied faucet in your tower:
1 C34 Stainless Sankey Coupler with relief valve

For example, if you buy a Double Faucet Tower and plan on dispensing two commercial kegs, you will need:
2 C34 Sankey Couplers

Outside Dimensions:
24" wide
24" deep, 30" with C02 Bottle Mounted on back
33.5" tall (just the box, no drip tray, caster wheels, tower, or chrome guard rail)
36" tall (with caster wheels but no drip tray, tower, or chrome guard rail)
52" tall with caster wheels and tower

Internal Dimensions:
20" wide
16.30" deep
28" tall (24" clearance under glass rack which can be removed)

Power Consumption:
.09 Amps

The Kegs Below Will Fit Inside
5 Gallon 8½" diameter Ball Lock or Pin Lock  Cornelius Keg - 3 (you will need to remove the glass chilling rack)
2.5 Gallon 8½" diameter Cornelius Keg - 3
5 Gallon 9¼" diameter Cornelius Ball or Pin Lock Keg - 2
Commercial Kegs:
5.16 Gallon Sixth Barrel - 2
7¾ Gallon any type - 1
15½ Gallon - 1

Depending on your location, this ships via GSO or by Truck signature required. Please provide a good phone number when ordering, as the delivery company may need to call you to schedule delivery.

Kegerator Normal Operating Sounds
KegLand Kegerators have been manufactured with the new r600a refrigerant gas used on many appliances. It is used because it is the most environmentally friendly gas and it is also extremely energy efficient. The new r600a gas does make some unusual sounds and we have recorded, amplfied, and included links to the sounds below so you know what kind of sounds this modern unit makes (all units with r600a gas make similar sounds).

Outside the rear of the unit near the Compressor Click On
Outside the back of the unit near the Compressor Click Off
Inside the Cold Plate with Tower Fan Off
Inside the Cold Plate with Tower Fan On


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by Ken Hance
on 5/22/2020
from Tucson
Kegland Keg Master Series 4
Nice features,  quality is good so far.  We have been enjoying beer during our Covid19 isolation.  Very convenient and it looks really cool!
by Andy
on 5/11/2020
from Western, NY
Just what I wanted
Fantastic. Much quieter than it sounds in the clips provided on this page. Temp does fluctuate a few degrees up and down from the set temperature, but overall not an issue. Very spacious inside. Easy to assemble and weight is very manageable to move around easily. The tower stays super cold with the cooling fan but does not profusely “sweat” because of it. The flow control is well worth adding on when you purchase it, as is the CO2 tank- hard to beat that price. 10/10, would buy it again and recommend it to any home brewer. Haven’t tried using it for cold crashing, but I have good faith it will handle that no problem when I put a 5 gallon brew in there.
by RW
on 4/23/2020
from New Jersey
Awesome Kegerator
Ordering from William's couldn't be easier. The kegerator shipped from CA to NJ is just about 9 days (for free) not bad at all! The setup video provided on this site is spot-on and it couldn't have been easier. The DuoTight/John Guest fittings are a dream to work with and the included EVA Barrier tubing blows away the typical beer and gas line seen on other units. I opted for the three faucet model and I really love the Intertaps that come with the unit. 
I decided to add a 5 way gas manifold and 4 inline regulators so I can serve each keg at it's own pressure and one for force carbonation. All in all, great purchase that I hope will last for years to come! 
by Eric Blume
on 3/20/2020
from Seattle
Nice Kegerator
I only had one issue when assembling this kegerator. I purchased the large castors that were optional. The front right castor (under the door hinge) interfered with floor pad. I removed the pad and it was held in with a non-removable stud on the hinge support bracket. The stud ran into the castor as it rotated around and jammed. I took my grinder and removed this stud and now all works flawlessly.
by Ana M. Hernandez
on 2/3/2020
from All Spiced Up
KegLand Series 4 Kegerator
When we first set up the kegerator, it would not maintain temperature. For 2 days in a row, it got up to 88 degrees. We were surprised it did not come with gas lines and we found working with the beverage lines difficult. The cost that we incurred for items needed, We were not prepared for the cost of the additional items we had to purchase. 

William's Brewing Responds:  Sorry it was not as expected, you are correct, the gas and beverage lines are not included in the unit unless you also buy a tower with faucets (the lines comes with the tower and faucets). Let us know if your temperature issue is not resolved by calling 800-759-6025 or email service@williamsbrewing.com. Thanks for your business!
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5/15/2020 3:53:03 PM
Hello, Why do three corny kegs not fit with the CO2 tank inside? I have seen other kegerators of the same dimensions fit 3 kegs and the tank inside, is it because of the cooling fan? If so, is it possible to remove this?
We have not tried this, so we cannot say for sure. I am sure removing the fan and the glass holder will give you more room. The cooling fan can be removed if you unplug it wiring harness.  We just have not tested this, so we cannot recommend this as far as a purchase recommendation.
5/14/2020 12:19:46 PM
Can you fit the 5lb CO2 tank inside the fridge along with 3 corny kegs and dispense without problems?
No, it would be too tight a fit with three kegs.
1/1/2020 10:15:53 AM
I've just recently ordered the kegerator with no tower, as I have my existing hardware from my previous kegerator. Does this unit still come with the tower attachment screws, and if not does anyone know what the thread sizes are?
It does not come with tower screws. Tower screws are M5-0.8 metric thread.
Robert Lander
10/12/2019 3:30:00 PM
I purchased 2 of these from you. I'm having trouble with one. The back of the unit inside has a thick layer of ice and the lines keep freezing? We have the temp set at 34 and have tried adjusting but no luck. What can I try?
It sounds like humidity over time has frozen on the back plate of your kegerator and caused this problem. Unplug the iced up kegerator and open the door, and let it sit 48 hours for the ice behind and in front of the cooling plate to all melt.  Then once the ice pack has melted, plug it back in, and it should cool as normal.
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