KegLand Sanke Stainless US Keg Coupling Head

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This "D" type Keg Land brand all stainless coupler fits many American commercial beer kegs, including most microbrews. Includes a 3/16" gas-in hose barb and 3/16" hose barb outlet as pictured. Order adapter parts separately below if you want to adapt this to a system that uses home brewing ball-lock kegs. Made of all stainless steel, which is required for acid beverages like cider, wine, and coffee.

This model does not have a pressure relief valve, if a pressure relief valve is needed for your application, see our item B67.

If you are buying a Keg Land Kegerator, this includes everything you need (including hose barbs) to hook up one commercial Sanke Keg to one tower faucet and gas line. Since this is stainless, this is required for dispensing cider, wine, and coffee.

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Review by Ryan on 11/25/2017

This is great, especially with the ball lock adapters. I was going to say I wish there were paper instructions with this to tell you how to assemble it, but just look at the second picture on this listing. That picture matches the Keg King video I found, and makes everything clear. FYI the “duck bill” shaped thing is a one way gas valve. The white bullet shaped thing is a one way beer valve. I’m updating to 4 stars because I’ve realized how dumb it is that this doesn’t have a pressure release valve on it. They shouldn’t even make this model with out it. Sankey kegs don’t have the valve, and this includes a one way gas valve. It also means you can’t vent the keg at all if you’ve got a manifold, like I do.

Keg King Coupler

Review by Chris on 4/30/2018

If you own a Keg King kegerator this is the coupler to buy. Nice quality product.

great keg coupler

Review by Andrew on 1/16/2019

I bought this along with my Keg King kegerator. I home brew and wanted the option of purchasing commercial brewery kegs. I installed one ball lock keg fitting and one of these in my twin tower using a tee splitter for gas. This is a simple device but it works. The ninety degree gas fitting is nice for confined space. This type works for practically all commercial and craft breweries in the U.S.

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