• KegLand Mini Keg Ball Lock Lid
  • Cut the silicone tubing so it is 2" longer than your keg

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The KegLand Ball Lock Mini Keg Lid will let you use ball lock gas and beer fittings on any KegLand Mini Keg. It features a silicone dip tube that is flexible and heavier than beer, which means you can dispense kegs on their side and still have the beer pickup tube at the bottom. The silicone dip tube tubing included is 1/2" in outer diameter, and 3/16" in inner diameter.

Solid stainless steel construction (type 304). It features a 30 PSI relief valve, and the head can be completely disasembled for cleaning and repair. All parts are standard, including the ball lock posts, O rings, and even the relief valve. Fits all KegLand Mini Kegs, and also fits Mancan Mini Kegs.


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by Andrew
on 5/27/2019
from CA
2 for 3 on these guys
The first one I ordered works great. The second one contained a faulty pressure release valve. Williams Brewing was kind enough to send me a replacement. The third one works adequately like the first so perhaps I had received a lemon. Thank you WB for sorting it out.

William's Responds:
Sorry about this, we are sending a replacement head at no charge today.
by Ben
on 10/16/2018
from Oklahoma
Better Quality Run
Purchased a similar head from a company in China that worked well a couple of times, but after a leak and gasket change never held pressure. ManCan has the same setup. This one is affordable and looks to be more stable with ball lock fittings with better quality. We’ll see how it goes. One thing is for certain I will not be disassembling it unless it leaks. Just clean the can and run Saniclean through the lines. 
by Fred
on 9/19/2018
from Tacoma
I've bought some of the competitor mini kegs and was wondering if the dispensing until would fit. They do! I love these little guys! I have a one gallon batch of mead on tap right now thanks to them. And these are cheaper! 
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4/4/2019 1:44:38 PM
I'm purchasing with both 10L and 5L Kegland Mini Kegs. How long is the silicone dip tube that comes with the lid. I plan to interchange the lid with multiple size kegs. If I need to have multiple lengths on hand, what size silicone tubing do I need?
The tubing is 22" long with a 3/16" ID x 12" OD.
11/3/2018 7:05:00 AM
If I’m planning on using priming sugar to carb but then use ball lock lid to dispense, when do I put it on
You can put on the Ball Lock Lid at the beginning when you first prime with sugar, or use the included gasketed threaded lid when you add the sugar, and then remove it (when the beer is cold) and replace with the Ball Lock Lid. Remove when cold to avoid carbonation loss and foaming.
9/17/2018 7:53:37 AM
just purchased 2 10 liter kegland mini kegs and I'm wondering if they accommodate mini co2 regulators with the kegland mini keg ball lock lid. thanks
They do, but you will need to use a gas connector like our item B11, rather than a straight connector that comes on the Ball Lock Mini Regulators.
Nate R
9/14/2018 9:49:44 AM
Will this KegLand mini keg ball lock lid fit onto the ManCan growlers as well?
Yes, the threads are the same.
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