• KegLand G40.1 Icemaster Glycol Chiller (220 volt)
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The 220 volt Icemaster G40.1 is a versatile and complete glycol chiller that will let you chill everything from fermenters to keg beer with the proper hoses. The Icemaster features 4 stainless beer chilling lines without a pump and a pumped water line for chilling things like fermenters.  It can be run with plain water, although to get maximum cooling and the ability to set it below 0 Centigrade, run it with a 20% propylene glycol solution.

This uses 390 watts of power on a 220 volt line. Casters are included for rolling the unit on smooth indoor surfaces. Also known as an Icebank Chiller. When running, this unit sounds like a loud microwave, so it should not be placed near sleeping quarters, for example.  However, once it gets to its target temperature, it does not run all the time, and is completely silent between compressor cycles.

IMPORTANT: This runs on 220 volt current, and cannot be used without a step up transformer in the USA.  For  suitable 220 volt  step up transformer,  search the internet for  'AC-1000 STEP UP' from Siran USA and other makers (www.sinran-usa.com). These 1000 watt units are available for under $60.00 

Chilling Fermenters

These 3/8” stainless barb outlets are marked WATER IN and WATER OUT and accept standard 3/8” interior diameter wort chiller tubing.  The Icemaster features a generic STC-1000 centigrade temperature control (tons of stuff on the internet about this unit), and if you plan to chill a fermenter, set the STC-1000 control to your desired fermenter temperature in Celcius, so the water or glycol in the unit will be the temperature you want the ferment to be. Then hook up a cooling coil to the WATER IN and WATER OUT lines and put the coil in your fermenter to chill your ferment. You may find you have to set the STC-1000 4 degrees cooler than your target ferment temperature depending on your set up and ambient temperature. 

Chilling Draft Beer

You can also think of the Icemaster as the ultimate jockey box for cooling draft beer. To do this, hook up your unrefrigerated keg beer to one of the 4 Beer Inlet Stainless lines using your beer line (these barbs are 8mm DuoTight fitting compatible, use our DuoTight Fitting Z88 to connect 8mm EvaBarrier tubing).  Hook up your beer faucet to the corresponding Beer Outlet stainless line, and you are ready to chill beer for immediate dispense. For the most effective beer cooling, a 20% glycol fill is recommended. One pass through one of the 4 stainless beer chilling lines will drop beer temperature by about 15 degrees.

Wort Chilling

If you use a counter flow chiller like our item L21, you can chill 5 gallons of water from 212° F to about 80° F if the unit is filled with 33° F water, and you connect the counter flow to the WATER IN and WATER Out pumped lines. Keep in mind the unit will heat up to around 75° during the chilling process.  Better results will be obtained if you use a glycol mix in the Icemaster, although the glycol is a bit more of a mess.  An immersion chiller is not efficient enough to work with this unit.

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by Brent Lidgard
on 7/31/2019
from Mishawaka, IN
Zero complaints
I removed the beer cooler coils and added bulkhead fittings for hoses. I only have two half barrel fermenters on it and haven’t used glycol yet, but will cold crash from 70F to 38F in a couple hours while other fermenter stays at 38F. 
by Josh
on 5/25/2019
from New Jersey
Nice cooler
I use this to keep my Grainfather Conical cool with plain water and it does a great job. I may step up to a Glycol mix to improve its cooling power when the weather gets hot, we will see. Lots of inputs for things like draft towers and even a pumped inlet and outlet which I have not used yet.
It does make some noise when running, more than a typical refrigerator, so you do not want this in a really quiet area.
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12/12/2019 10:37:09 PM
Why cant you run this unit on a 220 volt circuit here in the states?Like say for a clothes dryer?
You should be able to,  but we recommend consulting a licensed electrician locally.
Pat W
11/7/2019 1:06:02 PM
Is it possible and easy to remove the agitator pump and inner stainless product coil as well as replace the fitting/barbs to allow for multiple submersible pumps to control multiple fermentation vessels. Essentially turns this into an Icemaster 100
It is not possible to remove the stainless coils without breaking them. If you planned on replacing them with something else, it could be done but that would void the warranty and is not recommend.
6/30/2019 5:13:24 PM
I guess, could I remove one of the beer lines and coils from the inside and replace the 8mm plugs with a 3/8 plug and with 2 temp controller and pumps inside the glycol, it could ultimately control 2 separate temps. Do the 8mm uninstall easily?
While you could do that, there would be quite a bit of effort getting the lines out as they are tied together. The 8mm plugs are not that hard to remove. Be aware that modifying the unit in that way would void the warranty.
Nathan Chapman
6/30/2019 1:37:41 PM
So can this unit control fermentation for 2 conicals. I would already have my beer at the desired temp or close to before hooking it up, but a matter of it controlling 2 concials at 2 separate temps. Let's say a lager at 55 and an ale at 68.
If you had two pumps and control boxes like the Grainfather Conical, you could do this. The chiller itself only has one pumped circuit, so you not could program it to keep two fermenters at different temperatures - the fermenters would have to have pumps controlled by their own independent control boxes.
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