KegLand 35 Liter Digiboil (110 volts)

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The KegLand Digiboil is an 8 gallon electric boiling pot with precise digital control. Made of 304 stainless steel, it features 1500 watts of total power, selectable with both a 1000 watt and 500 watt switch. Perfect for brewing, distilling, sous vide cooking, and more. Keep in mind that although it has an 8 gallon capacity, we recommend you boil no more than 6.5 gallons, to allow head space to prevent damaging boil overs. 

The digital display can be set to any temperature between 32° and 212° F, and hold that temperature to plus or minus 5 degrees. The valve features standard 1/2" threads, so you can fit female NPT 1/2" accessories such as cam lock fittings to the spigot for attaching chillers and other accessories. The rim features clamps, and standard Robobrew and Grainfather distilling lids will fit perfectly. 27" tall, 12" wide. Interior dimensions: 19" tall, 11¾" wide.

This unit draws a hefty 15 amps, and must be plugged into a dedicated GGCI outlet for safety. The unit should not be submersed in water.

When brewing with malt extract, you will need to get your water boiling, then shut off the heat momentarily while you stir the extract in to dissolve. This eliminates the extract from burning on the bottom, and prevents the thermostat protective circuit from throwing an error. As soon as the extract is dissolved, turn back on the heat and brew.

Note: The Digiboil is primarily designed for boiling, distilling, and heating sparge water. It is not designed for Brew In Bag or mashing directly in the unit. If you suspend a large grain bag in the unit or add mash directly to the unit, it will throw a thermal protection error, because the grain or the grain bag will cover the thermostat, which will then shut off the heating element.
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Review by Penn on 9/11/2021

It’s sturdy, dependable and the temperature is always right! Great product!

Williams is awesome

Review by Jack H. on 2/20/2021

Williams shipped product as promised and arrived fast. Brewed a sierra nevada pale ale clone the next day and it was cool not having to clean out my home depot mash tun. Boiling was a breeze too.

Digiboil Rocks!

Review by Tony on 12/19/2020

This is an upgrade to my previous review that was written after using only one time: The more I use the Digiboil, the more I like it. I have now brewed six very good batches of beer with it, and really like how quickly it heats. It's easy to clean, has plenty of capacity and the separate 500 watt and 1000 watt switches are a great feature.

Works great

Review by Paul Lindsey on 6/25/2020

Works great to keep water at a set temperature for sparging. That is what I bought it for

Worth every penny

Review by Ray Laney on 4/27/2020

I love the Kegland Digiboil. It worked perfect.

Aug 02, 2022 by Bridget

Q: How many litres of alcohol can you get from a run through the digiboil?

A: If you start with a fermented wash that is say 25 liters of 14% alcohol, and use a distilling lid and head, you can get 3 liters plus.

Apr 13, 2022 by Veronica

Q: For small batch, what is the minimum amount of water you need to use?

A: I wouldn't recommend letting the volume of liquid to get under one gallon to keep the unit from tripping the thermostat protective circuit and throwing an error.

Mar 27, 2022 by Timer

Q: Since this does have an internal timer, would an external timer work on this so the SPARGE water is up to temp by the time I get out of bed? If so what would be the recorded unit?

A: I don't think an external timer will work with the Digiboil as it won't remember the temperature when you turn it off. So when the timer turns the Digiboil on you would still need to set the temperature. If you only want to heat sparge water, our sparge water heater (L89) is preset at 168°F. Also our Mash and Boil (B27) has a built in timer.

Feb 10, 2021 by St Jon

Q: can you use this to melt wax for candles? or is the wax too thick? thanks for any help!

A: We have heard of this, but do not warranty units that are used for anything other than brewing purposes. So if a unit fails and has wax residue, we do not honor the warranty, due to the unit not being designed for something as thick as melted wax.

Dec 17, 2020 by JC

Q: what is the procedure for installing the spigot? Mine leaks.

A: Install with the gasket on the outside of the pot, and tighten the back nut. If it leaks at the joint between the vessel and the valve, perhaps the white silicone O ring washer was not included in yours? (it should of been already on the valve). If so, contact and we will take care of this.

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