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  Standard Keg Lid Sealing 'O' Ring (+ $1.99)


The Keg Carbonation Lid features a .5 micron stainless airstone attached to the bottom of a standard oval keg lid with 22" of tubing. A gas ball lock fitting on the lid means you can inject C02 into your kegged beer from the bottom, and have it permeate up through the beer in fine bubbles for rapid carbonation (3-6 hours if the beer is 40° F. or less and gas pressure is 20 PSI). Fits all oval lid kegs and includes a lid sealing O ring and relief valve.

To use, install on your keg of beer and chill to 40° F or less. When cold, attach your ball lock gas line to the ball lock post on the lid, and set your dispensing pressure for 25 PSI. Leave for 6 hours and then remove the gas line. Attach your gas line to the IN side of your keg, (removing it from the lid) and release the head pressure in the keg so it is around 6 to 8 PSI. Then turn on your gas to 6-8 PSI to dispense, and your beer will be carbonated.


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by John Campbell
on 7/31/2019
from Marion, MT
Ex brewery owner
Lid works well for normal carbonation or nitrogenating beer for Guinness pour. I love it.   
by Matt Katakura
on 5/6/2019
from HI
This plus the spunding valve makes a killer combo
I can have perfectly carbonated beer in less than a day when using this and the spunding valve y'all offer.  I seal the spunding valve completely, set regulator to 18-25psi, when the gauge reaches pressure per temperate of beer vs the beer carbonation chart ; remove gas from lid, depressurize, set to serving pressure and attach gas to the proper side and you're all set. No more shaking, wasting co2, waiting long periods. Smarter not harder
by Norm
on 12/7/2018
from Brewing in California
Tool for keg fermenting
This little lid makes fermenting in a keg a breeze. 

For the keg:
I removed the gas post and tube and used 1/2” silicon tubing over the post with hose clamp.
Installed this lid and stone (replaced hose with silicone)

For my use I
1.) loaded the keg, laid keg on its side, and straight from the boiling BK through the 1/2” hose to the kegs (orig gas port)  Flow control was done by using a ‘R53’ on the beer side to control the flow of air out of the keg.
2.) plugged the end of 1/2 hose. (keg sealed)
3.) Cooled the keg in tub of cold water (keg sealed)
4.) added O2 through this lid and stone (keg sealed used ‘R53’ to vent air)
5.) cracked lid removed stone, hose and added Yeast. (keg opened 15 seconds in clean area then resealed)
6.) then let ferment, using the 1/2” hose as a blow off
Transferring was easy. 
7.) added CO2 through this lid and pinch off the 1/2” hose. I used a beer to beer disconnect hose to transfer to serving keg, then cleaned out the fermenting keg for the next batch.
by Mark Bancroft
on 12/11/2017
from California
Great product. Works great to carbonate quickly and consistently. Put it on, dial up your pressure and next day it is ready to go. Perfectly carbed. I bought 2 so I man do more than 1 at a time. Definitely pricey but will last forever and worth it.
by Chris
on 10/6/2017
from Salinas
Keg Carbonation Lid
This carbonates beer very quickly.
After buying one I bought another for my second keg.
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3/5/2018 2:28:30 PM
Can I safely switch this lid with the standard corny lid without losing too much carbonation?
When you switch lids, you will lose pressure. This lid seals as well as any keg lid.
11/1/2017 7:36:20 PM
Can you gradually turn up the PSI say starting at 2 and raising up 2 PSI and ending at 10-12 PSI on a 24 hour period?
Yes, you can do this manually with your regulator.
Tom S
9/1/2017 12:19:30 PM
What's the best way to sanitize? Boil the stone and Star San everything else? Do you have to disassemble every time?
We recommend soaking in Star San or another sanitizer. You can also run some Star San through the line into the stone while it soaks. 
Boiling the stone also works, although the unit must be disassembled each time you do this.
6/2/2017 8:27:55 AM
Do you have to remove it after carbing? Or can you just leave it on while serving?
Leave it on while serving, no need to remove this lid.
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