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Our Ball-Lock Keg Pressure Tester fits on the gas side of any ball-lock keg, and can monitor pressure of a keg that is not hooked up to a C02 line.  This can be very useful in monitoring the progress of natural conditioning. 0-40 PSI range, fits ball-lock kegs only.  Includes ball lock gas connector, Duotight Adapter, and KegLand Pressure Gauge.

The gauge features a rubber surround to protect against shocks, and swivels to accommodate different viewing angles.

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Pressure Tester

Review by Stephen Hopkins on 1/30/2021

Does exactly what you want it to do. The price is write.

Great tool

Review by JS on 2/22/2019

I batch condition in the keg, this is great for monitoring the progress. I also use it for pressure testing kegs (for leaks). It comes with a ball lock adapter, it’s an easy swap for pin lock.

Keg Pressure tester

Review by Susan on 2/14/2019

awesome device. super handy to have for taking the guess work out of the equation

good tool to have

Review by Suddsy on 11/5/2018

reads accurately, but stays at reading until next reading, never goes back to zero when disconnected. I still am glad I bought it!!!

This is just what I needed to condition a keg of farmhouse

Review by Ryan on 10/24/2018

This thing is super cool. It works on the Corney setup, but you can buy the gas adapter from Williams to use it on a Sanke. That’s how I set it up. Take the guess work out of conditioning and pick this up now. You will love it

Nov 14, 2021 by Richard Vermeesch

Q: If I use my keg as a tennis ball pressurizer this will show me tank pressure?….just to be sure

A: This shows the pressure inside the keg.

Aug 28, 2019 by Craig

Q: This seems totally useless. One would need to know the pressure, but also simultaneously need to be able to add gas to increase pressure. Doing only one or the other makes no sense unless I'm totally missing something.

A: The keg pressure gauge is used for people who are fermenting their beer in the keg and need to bleed off extra pressure using the pressure release valve on the keg lid. This combined with the Top Draw (item R47) will allow them to drink carbonated beer as soon as fermentation has ended without needing to force carbonate or prime their beer.

Jan 17, 2019 by Zach

Q: Could this be used with an in line regulator to set the keg pressure? If you change out the gas disconnect with a liquid?

A: No, that won't work. What you need is an inline pressure gauge item number D10.

Jun 26, 2017 by John

Q: If I understand correctly, I could use this with a keg carbonating lid to measure when the correct head pressures is achieved

A: Yes, this will indicate the the head pressure of a keg when the Carbonating Lid is installed and gas it hooked to the Carbonating Lid.

May 05, 2017 by Elaine Wahl

Q: Greetings! Does this include the QD? Is the mount on the back of the gauge ffl? Or is there an adapter involved from more standard mpt to get it to ffl? Thanks.

A: This includes a gas ball lock disconnect. The mount on the back of the gauge is ¼" male flare. MPT threads are not present on this product.

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