• Brewzilla Gen 3.1
  • A close up of the control panel
  • Gallon markers from 3 to 8 on the inside, accurate to .2 of a gallon
  • The grain pipe and its components
  • The included stainless chiller is very basic and does NOT include needed ½" interior diameter tubing
  • This shows the unit filled with 4 gallons of water (the marks are slightly off)

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The Gen 3.1 Brewzilla with Pump from Kegland features a recirculation pump with an on off switch, as well as a false bottom and grain pipe to both protect the pump from clogging, and hold the crushed grain above the bottom for good wort circulation. The Unit holds  9 gallons, although we do not recommend boiling more than 6½ gallons (perfect for 5-6 gallon batches). The grain pipe (basket) holds up to 18 pounds of crushed malt, and a pipe with silicone hose on top feeds the recirculated wort from the pump evenly on top of the grain bed.  Runs on any GFCI protected 110 volt plug with at least 15 amps.

 Something like an economy Grainfather, the Brewzilla has an electronic thermostat that lets you set temperature and also has a delayed start feature, so you can program it to turn on up to 23 hours in advance, handy when you want hot strike water when you return home from work.  Multiple temperature rests can be programmed in at the start of mashing, see the pdf instructions below for full details.

Also includes a simple stainless immersion wort chiller with ½” hose barb outlets, although you need to provide the water in/out hoses and fittings (see our Robobrew/Brewzilla Chiller Tubing Kit at right, available as an option above).

 The system includes a Digital Backlit Temperature Control and Display, Malt Pipe, Dual Element Heating (500 and 1000 watts for 1500 watts total), a stainless ball valve with ½ threads to accept any NPT accessory, and a Magnetic Pump installed in the base.  A great deal on a recirculating electric system that will work anywhere you have a suitable 110 volt plug.

NOTE: We include both a Chiller Tubing Kit (with 15' of tubing) for the Wort Chiller and silicone tubing for the recirculation pump.


     Click to download the current instructions in pdf format.




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by Robert Hansler
on 7/11/2019
from NY
Robobrew 3 rocks
4 brews so far, all came out as expected. Unit is easy to setup, use and clean. Had no issues with the provided immersion cooler as others have indicated. There are many You Tube videos on the Robobrew recommend watching several of those to get tips on use.
by Douglas
on 7/2/2019
from Redwood City
Pump comes loose
First, I want to say that I really love Williams Brewing. Their customer service is fantastic and always does what it takes to make their customers happy.

Here's my experience: first Robobrew came dented in numerous places. I contacted WB customer service and they gave me a credit. Unfortunately, when I went to clean the unit before first brew, I found that it was leaking and I couldn't find the source of the leak. I did hear something rattling around the bottom, so I opened it up and found that the pump is attached to a bracket and that nut/bold connection comes loose easily. (I couldn't find the leak.)

I was sent a new unit. I've brewed 1 brew with this unit. After cleaning, I heard the same sound in the bottom. I took it apart and found the same issue: the pump's vibrations loosened both connection nuts. There should be some type of washer to prevent this. I found it amazing that the same issue occurred in both units. 

I like this product. I hope it lasts.
by Andy
on 3/31/2019
from Pittsburgh
Great Product and Great Customer Experience
This electric brewing system is top notch. No issues whatsoever keeping a rolling boil. The pump has enough power for anything that you might need it for. The experience with williamsbrewing was great. I had a minor issue and it was quickly corrected.
by Terry Sprung
on 3/19/2019
from Rochester,MN
Robo Brew Review
Have only used once, but so far so good. Slow to heat strike water and to boil after mash, but I knew that going in. Trade off for 110 system you can use anywhere. Worked exactly like it is supposed to. Over all I like it very much. 
by Justin
on 2/12/2019
from Iowa
Failure in less than 1 year of use
My robobrew failed in less than 15 brews. The boards on the unit burnt up.  I was promptly sent new ones that I was assured were upgraded. As it turns out, the boards I received were not the correct upgraded ones (this was verified by the manufacturer).

After a lot of unproductive back and forth, I was left to purchase the upgraded boards from a different supplier.  This has been a regrettable and costly purchase.  

William's Responds:  Kegland sent us some old board by mistake mixed into our last shipment. You were unfortunate enough to get one of these, but we have contacted KegLand, and we making sure only the new boards are in our inventory.  Sorry for the problem on this one!
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5/31/2019 1:35:09 PM
Hi Williams B, Say would know what size gauge wire is used in the Robobrew cord? 16,18 or 14? wiring up a spot for the RB to go and would like to cover all the bases. Cheers
The stripped stranded power cord wire is 18 gauge (we measured the ground wire in the cable).
12/11/2018 7:21:57 PM
What kind of warranty comes with the robobrew gen 3?
One year
11/25/2018 6:48:37 PM
I see an answer offering this is a single wall system. Isn't double? The outer shell and the inner basket that holds the grain?
Yes, the inner basket is included. It is not double wall like the Mash & Boil, which has a double wall on the boiler part to help retain heat.
8/22/2018 3:48:21 PM
Can I use the Robobrew to make Brandy from Black berries or Grapes or will I need more Attachments?
You will at least need a Distilling Package like our item J47, as well as a fermenter to ferment your Black Berry or Grape mix in.
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