• KegLand Series 4  Kegerator
  • Shown with Flow Control Faucets
  • This shows the digital controls with fan switch (the fan is on)
  • This shows the tower cooling fan and glass holder
  • With 3 full sized 5 gallon kegs, you will have to remove the glass holder
  • With a 2.5 gallon and 2 five gallon kegs, the glass holder can remain
  • Converted to a fermentation chamber set at 63° F.
  • Converted to a refrigerator with the included shelf set at 33° F.

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Item #: B26
Our Price: $569.99
Pick Your Optional Beer Tower & Faucet(s)
Optional Lift Gate Delivery - trucker unloads it from the truck to curbside
Free C02 Tank Regulator
Signature Required on delivery
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•Designed by Homebrewers for Homebrewers
•Exclusive 26° to 82° F Range
•Forward Seal Stainless Faucets with optional tower selection.
•Exclusive Tower Cooling Fan with front panel switch
•Converts to a Fermentation Chamber
•Exclusive Chilled Glass Storage
•Now Approved For Commercial Use

Cold does not rise. You will find that a beer tower elevated above a refrigerator will always remain warmer than the refrigerator, resulting in initial pours from the kegerator that are warm and foamy, followed by colder pours once you have dispensed a beer or two. At home this is a real problem, unless you pour beers in quick succession. This is the only kegerator to include a tower cooling fan as standard equipment, and also feature a fan on/off switch on the front digital control panel.

When it is time to pour a glass, the Series 4 includes a handy glass holder inside to keep your beer glasses chilled. Just open the door and grab an ice cold glass and dispense. The beauty of the KegLand Series 4 is the extended range thermostat included. Unlike kegerators with standard 30° to 50° temperature ranges, the Mark 4 can be adjusted easily with the front panel digital display from 26° to 82° F (ambient temperature permitting), which means you can also use your kegerator as a fermentation chamber for ales in summer, a small refrigerator for food items, or even a wine cellar.

 Included with all models are a a C02 bottle mounting bracket, removeable refrigerator shelf, integral tower cooling fan. You select the beer tower/faucet option that is right for you, and a free KegLand Dual Gauge Regulator is included. All you need for home brew besides your ball lock kegs and C02 tank with regulator are barbed ball lock fittings for gas and beer. Or purchase Sankey Couplers (see at right) to dispense a commercial keg of beer.

    Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

Outside Dimensions:
24" wide
24" deep, 30" with C02 Bottle Mounted on back
33.5" tall (just the box, no drip tray, caster wheels, tower, or chrome guard rail)
36" tall (with caster wheels but no drip tray, tower, or chrome guard rail)
52" tall with caster wheels and tower

Internal Dimensions:
20" wide
16.30" deep
28" tall (24" clearance under glass rack which can be removed)

The Kegs Below Will Fit Inside

5 Gallon 8½" diameter Ball Lock or Pin Lock  Cornelius Keg - 3 (you will need to remove the glass chilling rack)
2.5 Gallon 8½" diameter Cornelius Keg - 3
5 Gallon 9¼" diameter Cornelius Ball or Pin Lock Keg - 2

Commercial Kegs:
5.16 Gallon Sixth Barrel - 2
7¾ Gallon any type - 1
15½ Gallon - 1

Depending on your location, this ships via GSO or by Truck signature required. Please provide a good phone number when ordering, as the delivery company may need to call you to schedule delivery.

Kegerator Normal Operating Sounds
KegLand Kegerators have been manufactured with the new r600a refrigerant gas used on many appliances. It is used because it is the most environmentally friendly gas and it is also extremely energy efficient. The new r600a gas does make some unusual sounds and we have recorded, amplfied, and included links to the sounds below so you know what kind of sounds this modern unit makes.

Outside the rear of the unit near the Compressor Click On
Outside the back of the unit near the Compressor Click Off
Inside the Cold Plate with Tower Fan Off
Inside the Cold Plate with Tower Fan On


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by Hank Smith
on 5/4/2019
from Raleigh, NC
Best value and great service
I shopped around and did my research before purchasing this Kegerator from William’s Brewing.

I couldn’t be happier with it.

Overall, it is high quality.  No parts were missing or defective.  I could have put it together in a couple of hours, but I took my time over a couple of days and made a few minor modifications / additions such as adding a 4-way gas distributor, swivel nuts on all lines, and a neoprene sleeve for the tower.  The only difficulty I had was tightening the nut on the middle faucet.  It is lower inside the tower than the right and left faucets and the tool provided barely fits and reaches.  It will require patience and tinkering to figure out.

You simply will not find a better value for what you get.  I’d have easily paid $200 to $300 more for similar features in the other kegerators that I looked at.

William’s Brewing Customer Service was a great help answering my many questions about delivery options.  Surprisingly, delivery was FREE to ship this country.
by Brad
on 4/26/2019
from MN
This fridge is exactly what I wanted! It’s whisper quiet, clean looking, fits alongside a countertop/cabinet and easy to assemble. It came with all 5mm hose for gas and beer, I cut my beer lines to 11’ and with the regulator set at 12psi I get nice pours with good carbonation. You have to stick the hose in boiling water for 30 seconds or so to soften, then stick a pliers inside to widen it out to fit over the barbs of the shank ends and keg disconnects. I think one could install a 3-way gas manifold up along the glass chilling rack if they wanted instead of using the “T’s” provided in the kit. Maybe glue it in place or use a few zip ties around the screws left behind.

Overall given the price for everything and the quality of the product, I think this is one of the best kegerator packages to be found, thanks to Williams Brewing for carrying such quality equipment.
by Mike
on 3/4/2019
from Hickory, NC
So far, so good.
It came with zero instructions, which is ok given the countless videos that can be found online. Seems a little silly all the same though that it doesn't come with some. The unit doesn't hold a temperature consistently. I have mine set to 38f, and have seen it as low as 36 and as high as 40.  It's not really a problem for me, as I'm strictly using it as a kegerator currently. If however you plan to use it to ferment in, it may be helpful to know. The hole drilled in the back of the unit is a touch small, and standard remote line won't fit. I had tti remove the plastic hole insert to get mine to fit, and spray a bit of foam to seal it back. The tank holder is mostly centered on the back of the unit. I am using a 3 regulator setup, so I didn't care much how it looked direct mounted to the tank which is why I went with a remote line. All of the issues I've found are mostly minor, and it has served its purpose thus far. 
by Tom
on 2/23/2019
from Phoenix AZ
My first keg fridge was an basic deal with cheap taps and cheap lines and a terrible thermostat.  I returned it and got this one.  The kegland series 4 is perfect.  It's got nice taps, all the hardware is nice, and a tower fan does a great job.  The compressor could be a little quieter but that's just being picky.
by Chris
on 1/31/2019
from Salinas
Kegland Kegerator
A dream come true.
This is a wonderful piece of equipment.
Review and Rate this Item
7/11/2019 5:37:57 PM
as shown on the instructional video gas and liquid were connected with duotite connectors. are these connectors included with the purchase.
No, Duotight splitters are included, but the shanks in the tower have hose barbs that need to have tubing pressed over the barbs. 
7/9/2019 5:52:31 PM
My kegerator is forming a lot of ice on the inside back wall. Do you have any suggestions as how to keep this from happening?
It sounds like you might be a humid climate. Every time you open the door, humid air enters which turns into frost on the back cooling panel. The solution is to turn the unit off for 24 hours once in a while and let the ice melt and the inside dry out before turning on again.
6/8/2019 8:16:06 PM
The tower has excessive sweating at times, it's located in my basement. other than not running the fan is there any other options? I never has an issues with condensation on my old kegerator. Thanks
You could try insulating the tower better with another layer of insulation, such as the bubble wrap silver stuff sold at Home Depot.  Other than that, leaving the fan off is best if you do not plan to pour beer for a while.
3/1/2019 11:50:20 AM
What is the power draw on this kegerator - such as when the compressor first kicks on to cool the fridge down (usually the max power draw) as well as normal operation. I would like to put one in a room that shares outlets and dont want to trip the breaker
As with most high draw appliances the kegerator should be on a dedicated 15 amp circuit as the draw upon startup can be between 6-8 amps.
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