• Intertap Flow Control Stainless Faucet
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The patented Intertap faucet is made of solid stainless steel, and features a shuttle seal design, which means the body of the faucet remains full of beer at all times.    Because the faucet stays full of beer at all times, it does not get sticky as the mechanism never has a chance to dry out and/or get contaminated. Fits all beer shanks. This latest Gen 2 flow control model lets you moderate the pressure of the beer coming into the faucet.

The Intertap is the most versatile faucet made because it also features an exclusive threaded spigot, which removes to convert the Intertap into a Growler Filler or Stout Faucet with just the installation of a new spigot (sold separately). Convert the Intertap into a Growler Filler that accepts ½" tubing by just buying a Intertap Growler Adapter, or convert it into a Stout Faucet by purchasing an InterTap Stout Adapter. No other faucet system gives you this versatility.

The Intertaps innovative shuttle seal design means it has a more positive forward seal than other forward seal faucets. US Patents US6457614, US6626420, and US7077299

Important note: The Flow Control Faucet does not work with the Intertap Self Closing Faucet Spring.


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by Anthony Wilson
on 5/18/2019
from WA
Does not make much difference
It does decrease froth a little but not much. I don't think it was worth the extra money over the standard intertap faucet.
by Dan Kluckhuhn
on 5/17/2019
from MD
I use it for a keg that I may have over carbed when force carbing, or for a beer that I intentionally maintain at a higher level of carbonation.
by Bill
on 10/19/2018
from Colorado
Intertap faucet
Excellent product. Works well. I like that you can interchange faucet tips. I haven't tried the grouler tip yrt but I'm sure it works well also. Great product and I highly recommend it.
by Jim
on 3/10/2018
from Illinois
Love! Love! Love!
This faucet is great!  Especially for a homebrewer.  It can be a pain trying to get a good pour without foam.  I know some guys that have to constantly mess with their gas or even have miles of tubing in their kegorator to accomplish this.  But not me!
All of my brewing buddies are jealous!
This faucet also make it easy to fill bottles or growlers.
by Mike
on 12/9/2016
from Downingtown
Excellent Flow-Control, Forward-seal faucets
I had another brand of forward-seal faucets before these, but I was constantly getting foam despite keeping the tower cool and checking the length of my beer hose.  These flow control faucets really solved the problem by limiting the flow to about 50% - now I get nice head on each pour while maintaining the right level of carbonation in each glass-full.   Excellent product.
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Orlando diaz
10/21/2018 4:39:40 PM
What position on the flow control gives you the greatest flow? I realize all the way up or down restricts flow the most. I ask because I am getting lots of foam.
When the flow control lever is at 9am, it is open for maximum flow.
10/30/2017 5:32:33 PM
Will the flow control lever allow the flow to be turned off completely eliminating the need for a lock. I currently have a self-closing faucet, but these don't appear to allow that.
No, the flow control will not completely turn off all the flow.
7/29/2017 3:11:11 PM
What kind of handle lock for intertap flow control faucet?
We do not have a lock that fits Intertap Flow Control faucets yet, although thanks for the suggestion.
Brian Moulton
5/8/2017 2:38:03 PM
With the flow control function, what size and length of tubing should I use?
For runs of 6' and under, use 3/16" beer line tubing to supply the Flow Control Intertap. For tubing runs of over 6' use 1/4" beer line tubing.
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