Intertap Double Flow Control Complete Stainless Tower

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The Intertap brushed stainless 3" draft tower will add a special touch to your home bar. These can be installed on the top of small refrigerators, and also on the top of a bar surface with a refrigerator underneath. Two stainless Intertap flow control faucets are included, along with all stainless DuoTight Intertap Shanks and 8' of EvaBarrier 4mm beer tubing for each shank. In addition, 8' of EvaBarrier 5mm by 8mm tubing is included for connection to a gas line if you need to do this.

This tower is foam-insulated and features a wide 3" body for good cold air circulation (wider towers help keep the top of the tower colder, as they facilitate the flow of cold air from your refrigerator into the tower).

 Towers must be mounted (you need a 3" holesaw) so cold refrigerator air can flow into the tower. Nickel-plated 1½" wood screws and base sealing rubber gasket are included. 12½" tall (16" tall with faucet handle attached), 3" diameter.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Home-Made Kegerator

Review by Bill Moore on 7/18/2017

I purchased this to turn a mini-fridge into a kegerator. It was pretty simple to install, except it appears that this is more of an upgrade to an existing kegerator than a stand-alone tower. The lines that come with it seem very cheap, but I was able to re-use my picnic tap lines that I've been using for years. While it comes with bolts, there are no nuts, and they're not nearly long enough to bolt through the top of my fridge. Easy enough fix to run down to the hardware store for a few things though. The faucets fit perfectly on the tower, and the included wrench makes them a breeze to put on. The flow control is fantastic, I'm re-using my short picnic tap line, only about 5ft of 3/16 tubing, and I can get a perfect pour every time. Definitely the upgrade I was looking for, and I highly recommend this tower to anyone looking to make their own kegerator.

Great flow control

Review by Don Whitaker on 12/31/2018

A clean flow every time. The flow control let's you slow the pour down to minimize foaming.

Great product

Review by Danny Silvers on 6/26/2019

Easy to install, upgraded kegerator from single to double tap. Really enjoy the flow control feature. Impressed by the design and function!


Review by Peter on 9/30/2019

I just installed the dual tap stainless flow control, nice unit. I didn’t use the included lines to stiff. The flow is a little slow and I had it at 20 psi. I just need to figure it out.

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Oct 04, 2019 by Chris Griffin

Q: Can you provide this without the Intertap faaucets? I already have 4 of them and don't need two more. Thanks, Chris

A: We have a limited supply of double and triple towers without faucets,tubing, or shanks available. The double is item B83 and the triple is item I86. They are both the same price of $49.99 each.

Jul 18, 2018 by John McCafferty

Q: Does this tower include the self closing faucet springs? Also what is provided with regard to beverage tubing.

A: This does not include the springs, they are a seperate item; L30. This comes with two, ten foot coils of tubing. This tubing has an inner diameter of 5mm which is close to 3/16" It fits the included intertap tower shanks and faucets well. It is very snug on 1/4" barbs, such as most ball lock connectors, so it needs to be soaked in boiling water to fit.

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