Wine Bottle Corks & Capsules

After you’ve made your own wine with one of our William’s Wine Making Kits, you will need to bottle and cork your creation. William’s Brewing carries a large selection of wine corks to choose from depending on how long you plan to store your wine before consumption.

1.5” Premium #9 Natural Corks

These are medium to higher grade pure natural corks, not to be confused with agglomerated corks made from glue and cork particles. These wine corks are the best choice for long-term wine storage. These have been sterilized and then coated in paraffin to make insertion easier and prevent wine infection.

Plastic T Corks

Our plastic T wine corks fit standard 750ml wine bottles and provide a tight seal. These work great for resealing a bottle as well as standard bottling - just press one of these into the bottle to seal.

Heat Shrink Capsules

If you are looking to gift your homemade wine or maybe just a more professional touch, our PVC plastic covers will shrink to a snug fit around the top of your standard 750 ml corked wine bottle. Simply apply heat from a hot hair dryer, or just dip them in hot water to shrink. These work with all our wine corks. We recommend choosing burgundy for red wine and gold for whites.