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This Italian made grape crusher (it will not crush harder fruit like pears and apples) fits on top of a bin or bucket with its four rails, and features a food-safe painted steel hopper that is 16" by 16" in size at the top. Put grapes into the hopper and turn the crank to crush before pressing the pulp with a fruit press. Stems need to be removed before crushing. Driven by a hand crank and features nylon gears and nylon crushing rollers.

The rollers are 3.5" wide, and 8.5" long, and turn on a 3/4" diameter hollow steel shaft.  The gap between the rollers is approximately 1/8" of an inch wide, and not adjustable. The rails are 32" long, and 12" wide. Height from the bottom of the rails to the top of the hopper (not including the hand crank) is 13".



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Great crusher for the price

Review by Emily on 1/23/2017

I got this crusher for my husband as a gift to fill out his wine-making stash. The first one arrived with the gears unaligned and unfixable, but the folks at Williams were absolutely amazing at helping me get a quick replacement. Well made and small enough to store in our little basement. Looking forward to using it for the harvest this fall!

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